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**I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links. 
Hey loves. How are you on this gorgeous Thursday? We are over here enjoying lots of time outside in the warm weather. I am so excited to share with you a new to me product I got to try out. I love testing and review products for you guys and telling you my honest opinion. Someone commented on Instagram a few weeks ago and said something along the lines of I am not honest with my reviews because they are always positive. Most of my reviews are positive because I honestly like what I reviewing and would recommend to you. I did a review on Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte's in a can earlier this month on Instagram and I didn't like the flavor. It would not be a product that I would recommend or purchase for myself. However my sister is a fan of the coffee. Everyone's tastes are different.

Recently I got to try 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. EVOO is a staple in our house. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for so many different things. From simply adding a little pepper and using as a dipping sauce for bread (bread recipe coming next week), to homemade salad dressing (Italian salad dressing recipe here), and cooking with it. Did you know the EVOO as we call it in our house, has a smoking point of 400 degrees which makes it ideal to cook and bake with. I learned that it should also not be kept on the counter or next to the stove (opps that's where we always stored it before) and never kept in the fridge. EVOO should be stored in a cool dark place. 

What makes Extra Virgin Olive Oil "extra virgin"? It  is made by pressing olive oil, without heat or chemicals; it’s known as the first cold pressed olive oil. This makes it very low in acidity (below .8%, which is measured in the % of oleic (fatty) acid). Specifically: 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is tested by a panel of trained, expert testers — they’re looking for any taste defects, as well as for a signature fruity taste & flavor balance.

Brian has been using 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil every morning while making out eggs. It prevents the eggs from sticking to the pan, gives eggs a fluffier texture, and added flavor. 

Le Stagioni d’ Italia 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Or shall I say, The Seasons Of Italy (translation) was a delicious staple in the Italian salad dressing I made compared to other brands. The flavor had a little bitter with a spicy aftertaste with a fruit aroma to it. It added so much dimension to the flavor of the salad dressing. For the full recipe click HERE

The 16.9 oz bottle of 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil I received to review retails for $19.99 and can be found nationwide at Grocery Outlet. 

"No matter what your table looks like – no matter what your family looks like – we invite you to gather for your next meal with Extra Virgin Olive Oil."

Flavor Your Life

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