Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. It is Friday. It has been a week but we made it through. Any plans this holiday weekend? Friday and Saturday are suppose to be cold and rainy. Sunday it is suppose to be decent and we have a cookout with my in laws. Monday it is suppose to be gorgeous and we have a cookout with my family. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Now time for 10 favorite moments from the past week.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Brian and I had a date night. We went to a soft opening of a new restaurant. It was also the first weekend that masks were no longer mandated. It was nice and weird to be out in public without a mask on, having conversation with other adults. 

~ TWO ~

I won cupcakes from Wicked Good Cupcakes. They were so good. 

We got Chocolate and Vanilla and the top each had a different cat. 


Family day at the zoo. We went earlier in the day before it got to hot. This was the most active we have ever seen the animals at the Cleveland Zoo.

~ FOUR ~

We had a few days in the 80s. The kids took advantage of it. We got Audrianna this cute little pool and it worked out perfect. It isn't hot enough yet to put up the bigger pool and all the kids loved this one. 

~ FIVE ~

We have been spending lots of time outside and on the swing set. Audrianna gets bossy and wants Ella and Austin to swing next to her. 

~ SIX ~

My 4 wild ones. 


Audrianna loves looking cute and being a goober wearing everyones sunglasses. These I found for her in the Dollar Spot at Target. I should have bought extra just incase she breaks them, she did break her father's good ones this week. 


Austin had his last day of preschool. He is off for like 10 days then he starts summer camp.

~ NINE ~

I kept saying she was going to fall asleep in the swing on numerous days. Well she finally did and took an early nap at 1030 on Wednesday. I took her inside since we have no shade though.

~ TEN ~

Austin had the most adorable graduation ceremony at his school. 

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