36 oh my

Hey loves. Guess what today is??? My birthday. I am officially 36. I remember turning 25 and having a quarter life crisis that I was "old". The older I get I really don't feel old besides never being carded and the wrinkles around my eyes. Most days I still think I am 18 because I have never grown up. Soon my 9 year old is going to be taller than me and wearing my clothes. 

I am sharing 36 facts about me. I have done this before on other birthdays- my 35th and lucky 33 and other random posts through the years. I skimmed the other posts to try and not repeat any random facts about me. Please forgive me if I shared any of these facts before. 

Here they are:

1- I love to just sit and watch my kids play together, get along and giggle. It is the best noise in the world.

2- Growing up we did a lot of camping. Started in a tent, then a pop up, then a motor home. I have the best memories from camping. My parents were a part of a campers club and we went at least once a month from April to October. 

3- For 3 years (i think) my family and my one aunt with her family rented a house on the beach in North Carolina for a week. 

4- I hate thunderstorms, Tornado warning make me panic and want to hide.

5- If I had to pick to sit inside or outside to eat, the answer 90% of the time weather permitting is outside.

6- Growing up my celebrity crush was Freddie Prinze Jr and Andrew Keegan.

7- I love fresh flowers sitting on the dining room table. It makes a house feel like a home. 

8- I am not a pop drinker, I actually gave up pop when I was 16. Now I will rarely have a Root Beer or Sprite. 

9- When I am stressed I like to clean/organize or curl up in a ball.

10- I ran into my 1st grade teacher a few years ago. She still remembered and recognized me. She also remember that every party school I would get sick. It wasn't until 4th grade that we found out I was lactose intolerant and I was getting sick from the cheese popcorn. 

11- I could put Everything But the Bagel seasoning on everything. 

12- The only team sport I ever played was tball and I hated it. 

13- When I was married we owned a race team. One of our sponsors was Monster Energy Drinks. I would drink Monster's like water, I'm talking 2 to 3 or the large cans a day. Now I can't stand them. The java ones also now give me heart palpitations. 

14- We owned the team and car, but hired a driver. I got to drive the car up and down the driveway since everyone else in the family was to tall. 

15- I use to have two frogs named Budwei- and Ser. 

16- I have had 2 rabbits, Bunbun, and Oreo. Bunbun lived 10 years. He was running wild, but was previously someone's pet. I jumped 3 fences and caught him on my dads 40th birthday, I was 10.

17- I use my seat warmer in my car everyday even when it is hot out and I have the ac on. It helps my constant back pain. 

18- I can drive a stick, but haven't in years. 

19- I have no tattoos because I could never decide what I wanted to have on my body forever. I use to want a frog but never could decide on the design, I wanted a foot tattoo but then a friend talked me out of it because of the pain. Now if I were to get a tattoo it would be a Disney theme.

20- I use to be a night owl, then I worked at Dunkin Donuts for 4 years and had to be to work at 430am, now I am a true early morning person (when I get sleep aka when baby sleeps). Most nights I don't know what 10pm looks like. 

21- At one time I worked 3 jobs at once, and had a 6 month old. (Dunkin Donuts, hair salon, and hotel) I barely saw my baby and hated it. 

22- I thrive on schedules and being a creature of habit. As soon as something doesn't go as planned it throws everything off. 

23- I am not a fan of anything with a bone it in. I love chicken, but give it to my boneless and skinless. 

24- I use to hate cooking and would prefer to eat out. Now I prefer to cook at home, love making new things. 

25- I am part Native American, German, and French Canadian and who knows what else. 

26- I eat some sort of chocolate everyday. Usually my chocolate shake or a Hersey kiss. because chocolate makes everything better. 

27- I could eat tacos everyday for every meal, just switch up the fillings. 

28- I have never gotten a speeding ticket. Knock on wood. and I have a lead foot when I drive. I have calmed down since having kids and especially when my kids are in the car with me.

29- I learned to drive on the drag strip while bare foot because I went wearing heels. My reaction time is a lot better than most drag racers.

30- I have only gotten pulled over once for supposedly running a stop sign, but I swear I stopped. He let me off with a warning. 

31- I hate change unless it is on my terms. 

32- I am the younger sister, and the bossy one. 

33- Everything vehicle I owned before my current mini van use to have a bass system in the trunk. I had competition speakers, amp, and subs. My parents would hear my coming from down the road. Now I hear a kid driving through the neighborhood and just shake my head. Oh to be young again. 

34- I love being a stay at home mom, planning fun stuff for my kids to do. I want to be the house where all the kids want to go to with the best snacks. 

35- I prefer to be barefoot. 

36- I hate being late to go places. I would rather show up early. Unless I really don't want to go, then I will take my time.

Do we have anything in common?

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