Currently- June

Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. Hope you are having a great week. This week is flying already especially with it being a short week with school and life. Today I am linking up with Annie for another month of Currently. This months prompts are: celebratingcollectinggiftingthinking, and trying.

~ Celebrating ~
This month we are celebrating my birthday. My birthday isn't until the 29th, but why not celebrate all month long. Last year I felt gypped with everything going on then the year before that I was 9 months pregnant. Lets go big or go home, not really but it sounds good. 

~ Collecting ~
Ideas of fun things to do this summer with my kids and ideas for their "I'm bored jar"

~ Gifting ~
Footprints for Father's day

~ Thinking ~
Of everything I want to do and get done this summer. 

~ Trying ~
To relax and get back into a good routine

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  1. We used to have an I'm Bored jar too!

  2. Happy birthday month! After last year, we should all celebrate big this year!

  3. Happy Birthday Month! You should totally celebrate all month. :)


  4. Thinking of all you want to get done....and trying to relax. Always the conundrum of summer!! Happy early birthday!!

  5. Yes to June birthday month!! Enjoy...I know I'm planning to, though next year will be even better when I'm not pregnant too :)

  6. Happy Birthday month! Good luck with the 'I'm Bored' jar. And I think a little boredom is good sometimes although my kids never really appreciated that point of view.

  7. My b-day is the day before yours, 6/28. Yay, for June birthdays.

  8. Hello fellow birthday celebrate. Hope you have a wonderful day and many ideas for this summer.

  9. Ooooohhhh -- I like the idea of an "I'm bored" jar. I should look into that... And our anniversary is the 29th so we'll be celebrating that day too!

  10. These all sound awesome. My girls are grown but I have a 2 1/2 year old grandson, so I'm looking forward to finding fun things to do with him.


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