Friday Favorite- Summer is Here

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. It's the second week of summer and Austin has had summer camp and safety town all week. Ella is home after being with her dad for most of the first week of summer so it has been weird at the same time.  Last weekend was busy with t-ball, father in laws birthday party, family in town from out of state, and unfortunately a funeral for my aunt. This past week has been lots going on. Our summer has started off with a lot of crazy schedules. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Austin has played played 4 T-ball games. He has two a week for an hour each day. They don't keep score. They focus on hitting, running, and catching. So far he has been having fun but likes to sit in the outfield and play in the sand. 

~ TWO ~

My own little personal car washer. He did very good with what he could reach. Brian did the top and Austin scrubbed the bottom. 


We had our first breakfast outside this year. Weather was perfect, no bugs, wasn't to hot or cold. (ignore the girl wearing long sleeves). We have only had one breakfast outside so far. Hopefully we will have many more to come. We have had a bunch of dinners outside though.

~ FOUR ~

These two are just the cutest. They love each other most of the time, play together and get along most of the time. With Ella being gone they have really been bonding more. 

~ FIVE ~

Audrianna has been carrying around her baby doll a lot more recently, but doesn't want to keep clothes on her. 

~ SIX ~

The first fire of the year that I got to enjoy for a little while. Audrianna did well sitting on my lap with my phone watching Moana. She wasn't impressed with the color changing flames. 


Yesterday after Safety Town I took the kids on a picnic lunch at the park. Austin asked if we could do this everyday. I agreed to once a week weather permitting. 


We had a family day at the zoo. Brian surprised us and showed up. We also went with his sister and niece that are in from Seattle. We had a good 

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