Summer Weekly Recap Week 1

 The official start of our summer with only two kids, a party, funeral and the zoo. 

Wednesday June 9

Ella started off her summer break by getting blood drawn for the first time. (she had blood drawn when she was younger but doesn't remember it). She did awesome. Didn't cry, didn't flinch, didn't pass out. She was more nervous when the lady was cleaning the area. 

Austin had summer camp. After we dropped him off we hit up Ollies for Ella to pick out a new pop-it as her reward for doing good with having her blood drawn. After we got home Ella went to her dads for the remainder of the week. 

I found out that that evening that my Aunt Ethel passed away from cancer. It started as ovarian cancer 3 years ago and over time spread. 3 weeks ago it had spread to her brain. She was at home on hospice and with her husband and kids when she passed. 

Thursday June 10

This is little Adrienne and my best friend Heather, still friends to this day. I have no idea how old I am in this picture. My mom found this picture and many more as she was finding pictures of my aunt. 

Audrianna and I started our morning with getting a workout done. The program I am currently doing uses weights. She grabbed her weights and was lifting right around with me. 

Working out is exhausting. She fell asleep on the way to my parents house. 

It turned into a family day just being there to support each other. The 3 kids did very good at eating lunch of mac and cheese at the table. 

Friday June 11

These two have been so adorable and loving the past week. Every morning they have been cuddling and playing together. 

Friday was a busy day for Brian. It was just the kids and myself most of the playing, and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Saturday June 12

We finally went to a famer's market this year. It was so weird walking around and no longer being required to wear a mask. It was the perfect weather too. We got fresh strawberries and a marinade from the farmer's market. Afterwards we went to Trader Joes. It was wonderful that they were no longer limiting the amount of people and didn't have to wait outside forever. 

Austin had his third t-ball baseball game. He seems to be having fun at his games, even though he prefers to play in the dirt and they don't keep score. 

We celebrated Brian's dads birthday with 6 of the 7 siblings home. Audrianna enjoyed playing in a freezing cold pool for a few minutes. 

We ended the night by the fire. Audrianna did pretty good sitting on my lap watching Moana on my phone. 

Sunday June 13

Sunday felt like such a long day. I was emotionally preparing for an afternoon of seeing family at my Aunt's funeral showing. 

Monday June 14

Monday started off a crazy week. I picked up Ella bright and early from her dads. 

Austin started safety town. I dropped Austin off then headed off to my Aunt's funeral. 
I am so thankful that Brian's aunt was able to watch Ella and pick Austin up from safety town. We took Audrianna with us. 

It was a nice funeral, I don't know how else to describe it. Was a sad emotional goodbye. But a beautiful view of Cleveland on our way home.

Monday evening Austin had a t-ball game. They played for 40 minutes before it started storming. After we were home we saw a double rainbow, hard to see in the picture. It was the perfect ending to the day. It was like that reminder from my Aunt that everything was going to be ok. 

Tuesday June 15

Tuesday started off with reading books in the hallway. 

Another day of Safety town for Austin. He was given an adult large shirt. I ended up cutting the bottom off so he wouldn't trip over it. (He ended up getting a smaller shirt)

After safety town we went to the zoo with Brian's sister and niece that are in from Seattle. 

Audrianna had a good time, walked around a lot and wasn't afraid of any animals this time. 

To end the day Brian, Austin, Aubriella, and some of his family all went to play putt putt. They had a great time. It has been a tradition for the past 4 times I believe that they go to B.A Sweetie and do mini golf. 

Thats a wrap on week 1 of summer break. 

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