Currently and December Intentions

Hey loves and Hello December. We have been in our new house for almost a month now. Things are still getting unpacked, new routines are in the works, and our house is feeling like our home. At times I still look around, or out the window and can't believe this is our new house.  I am so excited for the new memories we will be making in our home. 

It's the  first Wednesday of the month. I am linking up with Anne for another month of currently. This months prompts are: decoratingfeelingsendingsmelling, and wrapping

~ Decorating ~
For Christmas. We have a new bigger house with so many places to decorate. 

~ Feeling ~
Excited for the the holiday fun. 

~ Sending ~
Christmas cards and ornaments for a family ornament exchange being done via Zoom

~ Smelling ~
Cranberry scented soy candle

~ Wrapping ~
Nothing. I hate wrapping. Brian does it all and usually gets done at the last minute. I did buy Ella really cute mermaid wearing Santa hat wrapping paper from Aldi's the other day

Quick November Recap
  • date night- no
  • make Christmas Bucket List- yes
  • make winter bucket list- yes
  • celebrate Thanksgiving- yes
  • sleep train Audrianna- no
  • make kids Christmas lists- yes
  • mail Christmas cards- no
  • make Elf on the shelf calendar- yes
  • family game night- yes
  • family movie night- yes
  • morning gratitude with kids- no
  • get 90% of Christmas shopping done- no
  • decorate for Christmas- yes
  • unpack- mostly
  • come up with new cleaning schedule- no
  • come up with kids chores and allowance - no

  • drink 80 oz of water- no
  • track everything I eat- no
  • complete 21 days of Bodi Camp- no
  • read 4 books- yes
  • read 1 PD book- no
  • get into a new mindset morning routine- no
  • have a friends date- no

  • send out 2 newsletters- NO
  • start reaching out for collabs for 2022- YES

  • grow subscribers to 20- no
  • post 2 videos a week- no

  • sell 5 digital items- no
  • have 10 items available for download- no

Health and Fitness Business
  • Help 3 women on their health and wellness journey- no
  • plan a 12 days of fit-mas FREE group- no

December Goals

  • Date night for Brian's birthday
  • Complete Christmas Bucket List
  • complete Christmas Bucket List
  • family game night
  • family movie night
  • Celebrate Christmas 
  • Celebrate New Years
  • Host Christmas EVE
  • Host Christmas day with my family
  • mail Christmas cards
  • Enjoy the Holidays

  • Read 4 books
  • Read 1 Personal Development book
  • Read Christmas daily devotional
  • focus on new daily goals (yesterdays wellness post)
  • have a friends date

  • Come up with cleaning list
  • Clean all the mirrors and windows

  • plan 2022 link-ups
  • reach out for 2022 collabs 

  • post 2x a week
  • get 20 followers

  • Sell 5 items
  • Have 10 items available for download

Health and Wellness
  • connect 3 women with workouts
  • host 12 days of Fitmas

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  1. Congratulations on the new house! Have fun celebrating the holiday in your new space. That is always so fun!

  2. I used to hate wrapping but now I kind of like it; it's a nice quiet zen activity that I can do while watching movies locked away in my room. But I only wrap things in a nice square/ rectangle box or else it goes in a gift bag. How lovely that your husband does the wrapping for you!

  3. How fun to have a new space to decorate!!! Enjoy!

  4. I also hate wrapping! I used to have my best friend wrap for me when we lived in the same town.

  5. I'm not a great wrapper. I make my mom do most of it. LOL
    I love that you do an ornament exchange with family. That's fun.

    Lauren @

  6. Totally hate wrapping! I feel ya. Have fun filling those extra spaces - spots for even more cozy:)


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