Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday and Happy first weekend in December. I can already feel this month is going to fly by. Our schedule is getting filled with basketball, play dates, birthday parties, and all things Christmas. I am just over here soaking in all the moments. I have gotten in the habit of leaving my phone in another room, half the time losing it. (good thing I have an Apple watch I can ding it and find it) Due to this I have been slacking at taking pictures. That is great that I am in the moment and not connected to my phone. Bad as a blogger. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Anna loves to go downstairs and play with the play doh toys, minus the play doh. If she is "missing" that is usually where I can find her. 

~ TWO ~

We got more smashed pumpkins in our backyard. The deer are loving it. We are fattening them up. Now I am sad we are out of pumpkins. I need to find something else to feed the deer. 


The day may have not gone as planned. I may have had to use my phone to stream my workout I may have not pressed play until 730. Moral of the story I made the commitment to myself and I got it done. 

~ FOUR ~

Along with getting a workout done, I added in the 12 days of Christmas. Day 1 was 1 minute plank. 

Here is the 12 Days of Fitmas. Join me on social media and tag me at @momlifewithAdrienne 

~ FIVE ~

Anna is at the stage where she doesn't want her hair brushed, in a pony, washed, anything. She wanted to be like me and wear a headband. I got her to take a picture then she noticed she had a mermaid on her shirt and said "Ella" as Ella is obsessed with mermaids. Then the headband came off.

~ SIX ~

This is from Thanksgiving before Ella went to her dads. A good family picture with everyone looking, smiling, and no one sticking out their tongue.


This was before we decorated. Anna sitting there singing her own Christmas songs or at least I will imagine that's what she was saying. 

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  1. Happy Friday! My boys just started basketball last night so that will also be added to our scheduled too. I feel you on things flying by. That's always a blogging struggle for me too. Wanting to be present yet document all the things. It's nice to leave our phones out of the picture for a bit. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I hope your boys enjoy basketball. Have a wonderful weekend


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