Thanksgiving Recap with a North Pole Breakfast

Hey loves. Happy Monday!!!. How was your Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and long weekend? We had a somewhat relaxed, family filled, productive week. Ella and Austin only had school on Monday. Anna had school on Tuesday. Brian and I had conferences with his teacher on Tuesday. We had no big plans besides Thanksgiving dinner, dessert, and a football game. It still went by so fast. 

Tuesday November 23

Crazy running around morning. Getting 3 kids, Brian, and myself all out the door by 850 to get Anna to school on time. She was a few minutes late. You would think that we would have the hang of this by now, and Ella and Austin are usually long gone at school by this time already. Thankfully her school is awesome and understanding of 2 year old's and the older siblings not having school making it rough. After dropping Anna off at school, we headed to my in-laws to drop of Ella and Austin and we headed to Austin's conference with his teacher. His teacher agreed to meet with us even though he had only been in school for 2 weeks. We used it as "an open house" type meeting to learn expectations, what he should be doing, etc. So far he is doing really well adjusting. We also previously had his speech therapy yearly evaluation and they are upping his therapy to 60 minutes a week, doing 20 minutes 4x a week, compared to he was previously getting speech once a week for 30 minutes. 

Ella's teachers have asked if we could do a conference sometime in December or January after they get more of a feel where she is. They did answer a lot of questions I had about expectations, homework, etc. It is so different from her last school where Ella had homework up to an hour a night, her new school doesn't have homework unless you didn't get something finished. 

We got a new tv in our living room, it is a LG smart tv. It doesn't have my beachbody app on it (or my friendly app to watch the Hallmark channel) so I can't workout in the living room. While Anna was napping I went downstairs and pressed play on a 20 minute workout. It was just what I needed to get over the afternoon slump where I really just wanted a nap. 

Kids are goofballs. Ella started digging out all the Christmas decorations and decided the Santa hat was her new winter hat. Anna had to have one too. (her's didn't last long). Makes for a cute photo. but don't miss out on the tongue from Austin. It is his new signature face for all photos. 

Every year we do an ornament exchange with Brian's siblings. (he is one of seven). The past two years we have done it virtually. That means we have to mail our ornaments in advance for everyone to open via zoom on Christmas Eve. We went to Petiti's Garden Center again this year to pick out our ornaments. Brian will be putting them in the mail to Seattle today. 

Wednesday November 24

This girl and her books. She loves to sit and flip through books. I put away her normal books and brought out all our Christmas books. She has a few favorites. 

Honestly I can't tell you what I did on Wednesday. We really just had a relaxing day. Brian worked, and the kids and I vegged at home. 

Brian put up the tree on Wednesday evening. Anna sat in-front of it on a stole and just talked and talked and talked. 

Family movie night watching Home Alone. Austin is at the age of asking five million questions. 

Thursday November 25, Thanksgiving and North Pole Breakfast

This year Gus Gus, our elf on the Shelf came on Thanksgiving morning because Ella was with her dad on Black Friday. He brought some new placemats, new plates, new glass cups, and table decorations this year. He also did some fun streamers from the light fixture. 

This year he only brought mini donuts and sprinkles. Over the year our North Pole breakfast has changed based on what the kids will eat. He has done fruit to look like Santa and candy canes, green pudding, and so much more. He has learned that you can't go wrong with donuts. The main food was Brian made biscuits, sausage and gravy. Usually my kids eat it and love it. This year they all decided they no longer like sausage gravy, 

They were all excited to see GusGus and for their donuts. 

They also got white chocolate snowman hot chocolate bombs from a local lady. Ella is really the only one that drinks hot chocolate. She made it with milk and had it with her breakfast. It was really good, and I don't normally like white chocolate. 

Every year that we have Ella we watch the Macy's parade and decorate the tree. For the past 8 years probably she has been the one to put the tree topper on the tree. She is getting bigger that she gets to use the ladder and not picked up. (The years we don't have Ella on Thanksgiving morning we decorate on Black Friday so she can decorate with us) 

All the kids putting ornaments on the tree. Anna has decided the beads we no longer use were a great accessory for her. Knock on wood this year we didn't break any ornaments. 

Time to get ready to go to Grandma's for dinner. I asked Anna if I could take a picture of the back of her dress and this is what I get. Her sitting on the stairs leaning over so I can see her heart cut out upside down. 

Happy Thanksgiving from our family. This was a little before Ella went to her dads. 

One of our trees and new our new tv mounted on the fireplace. (we get our fireplaced checked next month to be cleaned and inspected to see if we can use it or not. The previous owners hadn't used it in years) 

This was the only picture I took at my in laws house where we had dinner. After we ate dinner there we headed to my parents for dessert. My parents also had the Thanksgiving newspaper that I usually run out and get first thing in the morning. This year I didn't go. They paid $5 for the newspaper that had maybe 7 ads in it. I know all of the ads are available online well in advance but it is just something to sit and flip through a paper ad on Thanksgiving. 

Friday November 26

GusGus is just hanging around in another light in our house. 

This was the only picture I took on Friday. I did some cleaning around the house, more relaxing, and some more decorating. Another day looking back is a blur. 

Saturday November 27

GusGus is ready to hope on an airplane and go on a trip. 

This has been asked before but I figured I would answer again here. Depending on where Gus Gus is found in the morning, like here on the airplane, he doesn't stay there. After the kids have found him Brian, or myself, will move GusGus to a safe place. This year that safe place in on top of the mantel by the TV. That way the kids can still play with their toys and not have to worry about touching him. Mom and Dad have magic powers that we can touch our elf and he won't lose his powers. 

Saturday was the big Ohio State Game Again Xichigan (the state up north) Brian was hosting a little get together at the house with just his brother and his dad. They would be in the main living space with the big TV.

Anna did spent time playing in her room. 

I caved and plugged in our extra tv that was in her room just to be out of the way. She watched baby aka Cocomelon and played with her toys while I watched Hallmark movies in my room with my room. 

Most of the day Austin played in his room with his train set and cars.

He did ask for Xbox for a little bit in the basement. 

Anna also played in the basement for a little bit. She is playing with all the play doh accessories but not the play doh.

The boys watching the game. Ohio State lost, and surprisingly there wasn't much screaming going on. 

Later that night we went to one of Brian's aunts house and picked up the top to the hutch she had given us. We also picked up more pumpkins from family to feed to our deer. 

Sunday November 28

GusGus Day 4 decided he needed a bubble bath with some friends. Later in the afternoon Brian found Anna in the bathroom, GusGus was in the sink, she was sitting there eating marshmallows, he took her out and closed the door. (the door is a sliding pocket door) Later I noticed the door was open, Anna was in there eating again. 

Brian made dinner. Steak with a mushroom sauce, baked red skin potatoes, broccoli salad we took from my moms, salad and bread. Soooo good. 

Speaking of the deer. We got three huge pumpkins from a family friend and smashed them this afternoon. Two dinner had a nice dinner. (no they didn't eat it all) This has to be one of my favorite parts of our new house is the deer and this view.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you venture out and go Black Friday shopping?

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