Holiday Home Tour 2021

Hey loves. It is December, the house is decorated for Christmas!!! Today I am opening my door and giving you a little holiday home tour. This is also a little more sneak peak into our new home. 

If you were at my house in person I would offer you some water, coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate. You would smell a holiday cranberry candle burning and listening to Penatonix holiday music on Alexa.

Reminder we have only lived in this house for a little over a month. We bought a few new things this year. We have made work with what we have. In the next few years I am sure we will buy a lot more and change everything up. All the wallpaper will eventually be removed and painted/updated to our own tastes. For now we are making due.

The front of our house. We bought the garland around the door, little trees, and wreath this year. Everything else we have had from years past. I love that Brian did the pine trees we have our front right now. Next year we will have all new landscaping and most of the bushes and trees will be gone.

Lets head inside...

This year we have kept is simple. We are still in the process of renovating a mudroom, then all the shoes will be gone . I have so many ideas of what I want to do here in the future. I love the garland on the stairs but I had to make sure the kids could still hold on while walking down the stairs. (Ella fell one year at someone else's house because she couldn't hold on the the handrail. It ended in a trip to the ER, a neck brace, concussion, and no fun for a few weeks)

Enter at your own risk to what will eventually be our formal dining room. We want to get a large table to fit at least 10-12 people. Right now this is the kids play room and my temporary workout space. (this is real life, ignore the mess)

(the corner electric fireplace is not hooked up and won't be staying)

I love having the space for little villages. Currently all the village homes are from either the Target spot or Dollar Tree.

Let's head into the living room.

We had all the stuffed animals in front of the fire place, but we had our fireplace inspected and it is safe to use so Brian wanted them moved. It also makes it look less cluttered Brian said. (I don't agree I liked all the stuffed animals.)

I added ornaments to the garland on the mantel. Brian said I had to add Mickey Mouse heads.

On to the Kitchen:

Last room room I am sharing is our office.

All but one of our Disney ornaments are on this tree. Brian also threw in some coco-cola ornaments too. This was the kids basement tree. I had planned to make ornaments out of all the 50 Anniversary Disney toys I got, which is like 15 or 20 of them. With the construction in our basement it hasn't happened.

All the snow globes I bought this year, off Facebook market place. They corner cabinet came with the house. It works perfect to hold them. Now I need more snow globes.

Links that I could find or something similar:

This is just a bit of holiday happiness from my home to yours! Enjoy!

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  1. The outdoor lights look fabulous, a nice welcome home in the dark. Good point about the garland! I like your Disney touches too, very special.


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