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 Hey loves. We made it to Friday!!! Our Spring Break is coming to an end. The weather hasn't been the best with cold, rain, and a few inches of snow. At least this weekend is suppose to be in the 70s, hopefully no more snow this season. I am ready to start cleaning up the yard more, plant a few things, and clean out the garage. 

A little late on my post today after a hectic evening yesterday. Austin cut open his foot and we took him to the urgent care to get checked out. He didn't need stitches but it is in a hard place to keep a bandage on we just need to keep it clean and keep an eye on it. Also Anna played in saw dust (you will see where it came from down below) and threw it in her hair and Ella's hair. They both then needed showers to get it out. Think sand in your hair that's gonna be there a few weeks. 

I am back today with a few favorites from the week and linking up with with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

The first day of Spring Break started off with a bang- going to zoo with 6 kids and 3 adults, 3 kids under 4. It was a lot of fun, they mostly behaved and it ended up being a gorgeous day. 

~ TWO ~

Ella made rice crispy treats with fruity peebles and extra marshmallows all by herself. I was just standing by to supervise and assist if needed. 


The day before Easter I had a bunch of cooking and stuff to do in the kitchen and didn't want to make dinner. I wanted pizza and was able to find a gluten free dairy free pizza local to us at Mellow Mushroom. It was really good, Brian liked it better than their tradition pepperoni pizza.

~ FOUR ~

Ella had Girl Scouts this week and it was for two hours. That means I got two hours to myself to get relax and get a few things done. 

~ FIVE ~

I had the girls again one day this week. They girls ganged up on me with light up squishy balls and threw them at me. Then we ended up playing catch. 

~ SIX ~

All the kids played hide and seek. Some of them need to work on their hiding skills, they still had a lot of fun and the older ones played along that they couldn't see them. 


Ella had a playdate with a friend from her old school. (on the same day I watched the girls, so their were 6 kids running around my house). They made themselves a smoothie.


She has her own sense of style. zebra pants, a Minnie Mouse skirt, pink zebra bathing suit that has a little tutu, and an Elsa shirt. She said she looked beautiful.

~ NINE ~

The kids talked Brian into taking them to the rec center to go swimming. They were there about an hour. 

Austin only lasted 28 minutes then he was done. 

~ TEN ~

The kids helped Brian cut down/pull down the rest of the tree. (This is where the saw dust came from that Anna was throwing around)

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