Easter 2022

 Hey loves. Did we just celebrate Christmas or Easter? We just got a few inches of snow yesterday and it was freezing on Easter you would have expected it to be Christmas time, not Spring Break.

Easter morning Austin was the first one up. Brian told him he could go downstairs but not touch anything. All I hear is "omg" then "one basket, that's not mine" " two baskets I can reach that one" "three baskets its blue its mine" 

Meanwhile upstairs Anna found a few hidden Easter eggs in the hallway. She opened one and found their was chocolate in it. You can't tell this cute evil smile no. 

The kids went downstairs grabbed one of the decorative Easter baskets and started finding the eggs that the Easter bunny left around the house. Ella and Austin were very good about leaving the easy, lower eggs for Anna to find. 

This year's baskets were simple, no rhyme or reason. Anna got a sunflower, some candy, bubbles, a book, and a Fisher Price water magic book. I don't recommend the water magic book. the pen you had to squeeze to use and was to hard for her to do, was a pain to fill the water pen, and the book is destroyed (ripping and pages rolling up) after just one use. We like Mellissa and Doug Water Wow's a lot better. 

Ella's basket, a sunflower, some candy, a cookbook, another book, and a rebound ball. 

Austin's Easter basket, sunflower, candy, rebound ball, and bath light up dinosaur toys

This year they also got a big gift. We wanted to get them a basketball hoop and just saved it for Easter. Anna got a scooter because she was jealous of her brother and sister and kept stealing theirs. 

She is already at pro. 

She just has to grow a little taller to be able to sit on the scooter and touch the ground better. 

We went to my in-laws for brunch. I made a gluten free dairy free strawberry banana French toast casserole that turned out so good, there were no leftovers. 

At in laws my kids got clothes instead of toys and a bunch of candy. Ella decided to be "mom" and carry all the bags at once. 

We had dinner at my parents house. Sticking to my nutrition I had a salad with ham and an egg. (instead of deviled eggs). We also had broccoli (with cheese, I didn't have) and fruit. We started with a veggie tray too. My mom also made coleslaw, mac and cheese, and macaroni salad that I didn't have. 

Easter grass. You will not find it in my house because it makes a mess. BUT

My mom put it in the kids baskets. They had more fun playing in in, throwing it in the air, covering each other in it. 

The grass playing went on for a good 45 minutes. 

This was the best we could get of a family photo. This was after dinner and the kids were getting tired from a long day. 

What do your kids get for Easter?

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