Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. This week seemed so long. Having a sick little one does not help. Plans got changed but that's mom life true and true. Even though it has been an off week there were still lots of fun and favorites. And we made it to the weekend. Let's make it an awesome weekend.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea

~ ONE ~


Ella had her first birthday party sleepover. She was so excited and nervous. Ending up having such a great time she didn't want to come home. But also didn't get much sleep. Made for a rough next couple of days until her body caught up. 

Austin also had a sleepover, he got to stay at Grandma's. He was good and had fun but in reality he was probably on you tube on a tablet the whole time. He did however eat bacon and French toast for breakfast which he normally doesn't at home. 

Anna also went to Grandma's for a few hours. No sleepover for her until she sleeps through the night and doesn't want to nurse a million time. ( yes it is something we are trying to break)

~ TWO ~

Brian and I got a date night. We walked around Crocker Park while we waited for our table at Condado Tacos, my pick. 

This spiced pineapple mezcalita margaritas was so good. So where my tacos, I got a chicken and jackfruit as my proteins. 

Then we walked over to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. They told us an hour and a half wait. As we were walking back out the door a couple got up from the bar and offered us their seats. I had a cosmo. 

For dessert we shared a chocolate mousse cheesecake. It was so good. Brian isn't a huge fan of chocolate but still let me pick.


My niece celebrated her 10th birthday. She had a roller skating party. This brings back memories of growing up and always going to the roller rink. Her party was at the same rink I went to when I was younger and it hasn't changed at all. 

Ella tried roller skates then asked for roller blades. She did better with the roller blades. 

Anna did very good with the skating. She started off holding with both hands and you in front of her. Then progressed to one hand and eventually was "skating" on her own. She fell a lot but got back up and kept going. 

~ FOUR ~

Easter themed fun in the tub with Easter eggs. 

~ FIVE ~

Anna has been loving coloring. She grabs her crayons and coloring book or papers and sits and colors. When she is finished with the crayon she then throws it on the ground. She also doesn't like if there is paper on the crayon so she rips it off and throws that on the group too. Most of the time when I ask she does clean up her mess though. 

~ SIX ~

Anna has been sick but still full of energy and wanting to play, at least when someone else is home. If it is just me and her she wants to cuddle and nurse and watch tv. She loves being on her daddy's shoulders


We get a lot of deer in our back yard and I decided I wanted to feed them. I bought deer feed and a holder. 

The deer have only come at night or early in the morning. This was taken around 6am (zoomed and lighted to see sorry for horrible quality) 
The deer also knock corn on the ground and we have been feeding the squirrels too. Yesterday I noticed the squirrels figured out how to climb onto and into the feeder, we now need a thingy to stop the squirrels from getting in it. 


Our neighborhood got some excitement of a kitchen fire. Thankfully no one was hurt, and there doesn't seem to be to much damage. We got to meet some new neighbors as they were outside watching also. 

After the fire was out, the firemen were cleaning up, etc one fire fighter came over and brought the kids hats. They ere so excited. Since then they have been playing fire fighters in the house. Austin said he wants to be a firefighter. 

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  1. That is one of my favorite cheesecakes that the Factory has. I almost always get that one since they got rid of their chocolate/raspberry one that I used to love. I remember tired cranky kids after sleepovers! I used to try and make sure we had nothing planned the next day so they could "rest" which inevitably led to sleep.

    1. Thanks for the tip for having a rest day after a sleepover. I am going to have to remember to plan better if possible

  2. Oh how scary about the kitchen fire! I'm happy everyone is okay! Oh and I love the themed Easter bath - I'll be doing that with my little one tonight - so cute!


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