Weekend Wrap

 Hey loves. How was your weekend? Ours was full of excitement that resulted in some tired kids off to school on Monday. They were making memories and having fun, which is what counts. 


Friday was Anna's day to spend with her grandparents and my day to get some things done. I did some retail therapy. I bought clothes for Ella, Brian and myself. I bought Anna a stuffed Minnie Mouse that she has been carrying around ever since. I also got Austin a few new trucks from 5 Below. 

I also went grocery shopping in person. Lots of veggies, fruit, proteins. I am all set for my 4 week gut protocol nutrition program to help me determine what foods I am sensitive to. 

Speaking of shopping for myself. I bought some shirts, leggings (that have to be returned), two dresses and a jean jacket. (yellow flower dress) Ella saw me in the yellow dress and said Mom i want one too so we went back to Old Navy and bought her and Anna one so we can match. 

Before I put away all the groceries I cleaned and organized the fridge. 

I also did the outside fridge. 

Aprils Iwatch challenge. 


Anna made Ella play with her. They played doctor/beauty salon/dentist for a good hour. 

I got my workout done. Finished week 2 of Off the Wall. 

Ella had her first birthday party sleepover. She was excited to go but nervous also. I told her she could always call me to come get her if she needed me to. 

Anna was ready to go to Grandma's for a few hours. She wanted to wear her diaper bag, after this photo the diaper bag pulled her backwards. 

Austin was ready to have a sleepover at Grandma's 

Brian and I had a date night. 

We went to Condado for tacos and drinks. 

The spiced Pineapple was so good. 

After dinner we walked over to the Cheesecake Factory for another drink and dessert. I got a cosmo. 

Brian had an old mans drink with bourbon and we shared chocolate moouse cheesecake. Then it was time to go pick up Anna and go home. 


I slept into 8, which never happens and I would up to this. 

At 10 I went and picked Ella up from her birthday party sleepover. The girls were good and had so much fun, but didn't get much sleep. 

Birthday party number 2 of the weekend was my niece. Claudia had a roller skating party.

They had little toddler skates that Anna went out on. Adults were allowed on the floor in tennis shoes. I did skate for a few minutes but couldnt' skate and hold Anna from falling. 

Ella did a little roller blading. She was better on blades than she was with skates, but still fell a lot. 

Anna and Claudia skating together. 

I asked for a cute picture of the girls smiling and this is what I got. Ella was tired and crabby and sore from falling. 

We went home to nap time. 

You know Ella is tired if she took a nap. I took her glasses off and she didn't even wake up. 

I spent time organizing for the week and month. 

The night ended with some bath time fun with bubbles and plastic eggs. 

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  1. What a fun and full weekend! Date night sounds fabulous and I just LOVE to go roller skating.

    1. I haven't roller skated in years but it was fun. kinda of makes me want to get a pair for outside


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