June Musings

 Hey loves. It is hard to believe that it is the end of June. Summer is in full swing and lots of celebrations in the near future. Today I am linking up with with Patty and Holly for Monthly Musing. 

1- Favorite Summer Destinations?
Summer destination now that my kids are older is the beach. Anytime destination is Disney World.

2- Do you Prefer Warm or Cold Trips?
Warm, but I would love to go to a ski resort and sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate and curl up with a good book but not get cold.

3- Are you Traveling this Summer?
We just got back from our vacation for the summer. We went to Harbor Island South Carolina. 

4- Ocean? Lake? Mountains?
Ocean, but we are talking about doing a mountain vacation once my littlest is older. 

5- Best Travel Tips to Share?
Do your research on whats around the area, read bloggers who have been there, check out groupon for local deals. 

6- Vacation Budget Tips?
The further in advance you plan your trip the cheap everything usually is. We like staying at hotels/houses that have kitchens so we don't have to eat out every meal. Cereal and fruit works great for breakfasts, and lunch meat sandwiches for lunches. 

7- Overpacker? Underpacker?
Overpacker always

8- Vacation Planning in Advance? Last Minute Adventure?
Always in advance with kids. 

9- Ground Vacations or Your Immediate Family Only?
Both. This year we went on vacation with my parents, sister, and her daughter. We would go with my parents again, but not my sister and her daughter. 

10- If You Have them, Do You Travel With Your Pets?
We only have fish so taking them on vacation is not possible. 

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  1. We like to have a full kitchen and eat most meals in while traveling too; not even just for the cost factor but eating out for a whole week leaves me feeling icky.


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