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 Hey loves. Last week was busy with some holiday fun, time with friends end of year celebrations, and lets not forget about all the sports. Lets recap:

Monday May 30

Monday was Memorial Day and we had no real plans. Brian also had no work. He started his day cutting the grass while the kids played outside. 

Another gorgeous day and this little girl sitting in a bucket. I have probably a good handful of these same photos on my phone from different days. 

Brian's friend and the girls I watch invited us over for the kids to play on the waterslide and their new trampoline. Ella and Austin were in heaven going back and forth between the two. We were there for about 3 hours and they were going non-stop and there was no fighting. 

We left when it was naptime so Anna could go home and rest. She didn't even make it home. 

Austin didn't make it home awake either. Sun, water, fun, and friends wore him out. 

Never miss a Monday. I started a new workout program. While the kids napped and Brian did more yard work I took 30 minutes for myself and got a good sweat on. 

We ended the night grilling bbq chicken and eating outside then showers and bedtime.

Tuesday May 31

A crazy day ahead calls for getting up at 5am, having my mindset morning and pressing play on day 2 of my workout. Anna woke up in the last 7 minutes of the workout. She came downstairs with me and did the stretching with me. 

When I left early that morning to get Ella from her dads before school, I noticed gum stuck inside my door hand of my van making it hard to open. We don't have any idea where it came from, my van was in the driveway and blocked by our vehicle so the cameras didn't catch if anyone was by it during the night. However over the weekend we were a lot of different places so we don't know where it exactly came from. (and Brian drove my van all weekend so did it happen over the weekend and he just didn't notice?) I also read online somewhere this can be a sign of potential tracking as it distracts you, etc. I have been on alert since then. 

I got Ella and Austin off to school on the bus. The girls got dropped off. Then a little later it was time to take the girls to school. They go to the same preschool one is in class with Anna, the other is in a different class. 

They were so good with listening, holding hands, and waiting patiently until the start of school. 
I dropped off the younger two. The older ones class didn't start for 15 minutes so we read a book while we waited and just talked, this was the most she talked not being interrupted by the other two. 

These two got out of class earlier and we had about an hour to spare. We ran home to help the guy who was fixing our lawn mower in the driveway. (he needed access to an electrical outlet. The girls sat in the van and watched Moana and ate some pretzels.
While we waited at the school for the oldest to get out the girls decided to do some chalking and talking. 

I offered to take the girls to McDonalds for lunch but they decided they wanted mac and cheese instead. (I didn't give Anna an option, she would have picked MCD). We had lunch and played until it was time for me to take the girls home. 

Such a rough life. Anna went with me to take the girls home and fell asleep on the way home. 

My go to lunch right now, kale with sunflower seeds, blueberries, chicken, and a raspberry vinaigrette. 

It was hot out. Austin hoped in the pool when he got home from school. Ella only stuck her feet in but still cooled off. 

Brian had to test out the riding mower that was now fixed. 

Summer calls for lots of grilled food. I am loving jicama wraps from Trader Joes. 

Wednesday June 1

A blur of a day trying to catch up on my never ending to do list, trying to get ahead on some things for summer, and new month fun. I washed all the bed sheets and deep cleaned the coffee pot, which I do every month on the first. 

After school Ella helped cut up the pineapple for dinner. She only did it because she wanted to drink out of the pineapple. I bought this pineapple corer which has made cutting pineapple so much easier and fun. Ella did it by herself (minus cutting the top off)

Thursday June 2

Crazy morning of getting the older to on the bus, dropping off Brian's car at the shop for an oil change, dropping on Anna at school, and hope to get my workout done. Then running out the door to pick up Anna. 

Anna had her last day of perky kids. She hated it at first with lots of tears, the reality of being away from mom for 90 minutes a day compared to being with her for pretty much 2 years straight thanks to covid. 

Austin had his Kindergarten celebration. They did a cute little alphabet program of things they loved or did throughout the year. His letter was U, they learned about the United States symbols. they sang a song with hand motions. It went along to New York, New York by Frank Sintara, but was Here we come First Grade. It was so adorable and he actually did the hand movements. Here he is receiving his certificate and giving his teacher a high five. 

Austin had his first tball game. I didn't go as I was starting to feel like crap, Anna wasn't listening very well, and it had been raining on and off all day. Brian said he did very good, actually played and payed attention and didn't play in the sand like he did last year. 

Friday June 3

If that face tells you anything about how our day started. I got the girls for a few hours. Took one to the bathroom, come back downstairs and Anna got a dry erase marker (thankfully) and drew on her face, legs and arms. Thankfully it came off well easy with a baby wipe.
I also had my niece for a few hours. She was great with playing with all 3 girls, and the girls loved having her to play with. 

National donut day calls for an afterschool snack of homemade banana chocolate chip donuts. Really I made sourdough discharge banana chocolate chip mini muffins and used some of the batter to make donuts. 

These two were playing so well together and being cute. 

They even had a dance party, Ella joined for the dance party but didn't want her picture taken. 

Oh and we all must use a broom as a microphone. 

Saturday June 4

Saturday morning soccer. Ella's coach likes putting her in the position in front of the goalie and she ends up just standing there most of the game as there isn't much action, which is also why I think she doesn't like playing. 

She got to play goalie for a little bit and stopped the one and only ball that came towards her. 

In the last 10 minutes of the game she got put in a different position and helped to pass the ball to score. Her team is undefeated and has one game left. 

The whole family went to the game this time. Anna and Austin did good. I have learned to bring lots of things for them to do and snacks. Usually Austin has tball at the same time. 

Watching Ella play soccer must have been so tiring for Austin that he needed a nap. It did give him more energy for his tball game. 

We all went to Austin's tball game. The kids and I saw out in the field away from people with toys and snacks to keep them entertained. 

Austin did so good with paying attention and has gotten so much better at batting. 

This year the team, and organization as a whole is so much more organized compared to where we played last year. 

More lawn mower fun. Brian was using the wagon to move wood from trees we cut down from the flower bed to the backyard. Somehow it also turned into a ride for the kids. 

Ella even got a chance to drive the mower. (with the blade not engaged)

I tried a hot toddy for the first time to see if it would help me feel better. It tasted good when it was hot, once it got cold it wasn't good. I am a slow drinker. I will say I slept better, but still feeling like crap. 

Sunday June 5

I felt the worst with whatever cold/sinus infection I am fighting. I tried to rest most of the day but also getting laundry and dishes done around the house for the week ahead. I didn't take any pictures. 

My kids played outside and helped Brian with yard work. They also played with a few neighbor kids and went to the playground. While Anna and I napped Brian took Ella and Austin to get library cards in our new city. They also signed up for the summer reading program and brought home a few books. 

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