No Oven Summer Dinners

 Hey loves. Summer is in full swing along with all the heat. When it is hot outside who wants to heat up the house even more by turning on the oven. We do grill out a lot, but that is all Brian as I don't use the grill, as in I don't get along with it. 

Here are a few our of families favorite no oven or grill dinners. Some nights we add in a rotisserie chicken, microwaved mac and cheese for the kids, can of cooked chicken or tuna, or even something prepared earlier in the day with the crock pot. If Brian is home he will also throw something on the grill



Order Out- some nights just call from an impromptu ordering take out. 

What is your go to don't use the oven or grill dinner?

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  1. Love these suggestions- spot on and perfect for summer!


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