Vacation 9, 10 and 11

 Hey loves. My last recap of our summer vacation 2022. I shared about Harbor Island and Vacation Day 1,2 and 3, and Vacation 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Today I am sharing our last few days of vacation on the farm. 

Saturday June 25

I woke up early again to see the sunrise (why didn't I do this every morning.) The sunrise is so peaceful and calming. We had the van packed and ready for the most part the night before. We wanted to hit the road early as we had a long drive ahead of us and didn't want to get to the farm at dark. 

Everyone got up and dressed and ready to hit the road. We hit the road before 7am. But I talked Brian into making a little quick detour before we left. 

I needed to say bye to my little gator friends. We saw 4 of them. My favorite was this one just chilling. 

After hitting the road for a little while we stopped for coffee and breakfast. Brian wanted Bojangles as we don't have one at home. It had the worst service and no one really liked the food. But you can never go wrong with coffee from Starbucks. 

Rest stop stretching. For lunch we had lunchmeat sandwiches and chips (not the rest stop pictured)

Isn't she cute. finding ways to entertain herself and make us all smile. 

We got to Brian's sisters farm in Kentucky at 7, which was our goal. She lives in middle of no where on windy roads in the fog, which is why we wanted to get there before dark last year was not very fun finding the house in the dark and fog. This year there were 13 calves and 13 cows, and one bull. She put them in one of the smaller (but still huge) pen so we could see them. They tried to pet and feed the cows. Eventually the bull did take some grass from the kids. 

Next they feed the fish before we headed inside for dinner. 

It was a peaceful relaxing night. My favorite part is the view her house sits over the valley of woods and all her hummingbirds. 

Sunday June 26

Fresh blueberries for pancakes for breakfast. Ella only eats blueberries from the farm. 

Anna was trying to call the chickens over to be petted. They wanted nothing to do with her. The two nights before we got there an animal killed over half their chickens, so they were very skittish and only 4 of them left. 

Brian and the kids, and Uncle Mike went exploring on the golfcart. 

They went and saw the pigs and piglets. 

baby chicks


chickens and rooster

While I stayed back at the house to relax on the porch swing and read. As I a sitting there I am listening to the hummingbirds fluttering feathers, roaster crowing, birds chirping, the flowing of the waterfall, the wind blowing the leaves in the tree, and a cow mooing in the distance. 

We went out to Mexican for lunch and stopped by a huge liquor store. 

We came back to the farm and the kids played with the water pillow. We didn't realize you had to fill the pillow with a lot of water to be able to use it. To use for one time didn't make sense to fill it all the way and there isn't any flat land to fill it properly. The kids still had fun. 

Anna made a friend with a barn cake that loved to be petted. 

Before bed the chicken get put away and fed. Brian and the kids helped and Uncle Mike caught a chicken for Anna to pet. 

Monday June 27

Our last morning on the farm. Breakfast and hitting the road. We love going to the farm for some relaxation and the kids seeing all the animals. 

This is the look of not excited to go home and be in the car for another 7+ hours. 

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