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 Hey loves. July was a big spending month, for whatever reason. For all my randomness, I am thinking of doing a No Spend September again, I did one a few years ago, and only buy what is needed. Would you be interested in joining in? Today  I am linking up with Tanya for some Amazon fun

Ella is on an earring buying kick as she just got her ears pierced a few months ago and is now able to change them up. This organizer is working great to hold her earrings. 

Trying a new way to organize, and keep our fruit and veggies fresh longer with this tiered basket.  We have Bananas on top, on the bottom I add apples and oranges and replenish when the kids eat them. 

Sourdough book that someone recommended on Instagram. I tried making my own sourdough buy using recipes I found online and did not succeed. I made my first sour dough bread yesterday using the directions in the book and it was a success. 

Prime day find. Anna was the last bedroom that needed an echo

Another Prime day find, I bought the glow lamp to go with the echo.

I have wanted a Dutch oven for numerous recipes and finally bought one. 

Ella lost an earring back and refused to use a back off another earring so we bought get some extra's. 

Shhh don't tell, a Christmas present. Yes I have started Christmas shopping. We are not going overboard this year and making a list of categories each kid will get something in. (such as lego/dublo, board game, book, etc)

Ella asked for a stylus with a pen tip. She had seen one at the store, when we went back they no longer had any. 

Raise your hand if you have a little girl who likes to write on walls? ME I bought a bunch of magic erasers, Amazon brand to clean with. They work great and the kids have enjoyed helping. 

Book stand for holding cookbooks in the kitchen.

Glass spray bottles. I filled them with Young Living Thieves cleaner. There is one in each bathroom and my kids has to clean their own bathrooms. 

I bought the Flair Felt Tip pens as a gift for teachers at the end of the year. I had one extra and have fallen in love with them I had to buy myself colored ones. 

Brian was an EMT and had butterfly closures in his first aid kit. We have used the last of them up this summer. They are great to have on hand especially with wild kids. 

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  1. I clicked over on the cookbook holder - love it! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!


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