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 Hey love. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? I have a great weekend with an event and family time. It feels like my to do list is never ending and summer is coming to an end. As I type this it is in the low 60s, I want to wear a cozy sweatshirt, curl up with a book, and drink something pumpkin. 

At the beginning of the month I shared about never being along on your journey, weather it be your health and wellness journey or motherhood. There is always a tribe behind you, sometimes you just have to find that tribe. I committed to sharing my journey along the way of getting back into my health and fitness routine as well as helping other women live life to their fullest, to be their best version of themselves, to feel confidence, to feel amazing, and to be stronger everyday.

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone and Finding My Spark

Saturday I drove two hours to Columbus for Beachbody's quarterly conference. At the conference I got to meet my coach, Amy and part of my team, learn about new products that are being released this year, hear other women's weight loss stories, do a live workout, and learn how we can help other women (and men). It was incredible, filled a cup I didn't know I needed filled, and gave me my spark back.

There were about 40 of us at the conference, all of us have had our lives impacted for the positive with making healthier choices, as well as some degree of weight loss. There were 4 women there that lost over 100 lbs each. That is huge and incredible. Not through surgery or some magic pill but through making the right choices with doing Beachbody workouts and using the meal plans. Their stories were amazing to see their transformations. 

If you are local to Ohio our next conference is in November and I would love for you to join me at the next event. Send me a message and we can chat about it. 


Now for the truth of my commitment to sharing my journey with you. My goal for the past two weeks were to workout 5 days a week for 20 minutes a day following a program. That didn't happen. I did complete the 5 days and did 3 other workouts, one being the live event, one being a live cycle and strength workout with my fit community, and the last one being a foam roller workout because I was dead after the live event workout. A total of 8 workouts, is better than nothing. My goal is to get back on track with the program and finish it by Labor Day.  


Overall my nutrition has been good. I struggle on weekends to stay on track. I need to plan my weekend meals and when we go out to eat better. My lunches on the weekends are normal leftovers from going out that isn't the greatest choices. Our local take out dinners haven't been the healthier options lately either. 


I was hitting my water goals everyday until this weekend. From driving and not wanting to stop 5 million times to pee the last two days. I can feel that my body needs more water. 


I forgot to take measurements at the beginning of the month. I am taking them today. I did step on the scale this morning and it was up. This is probably because I am still very sore and tight from the live workout on Saturday and from not drinking enough water. 

Favorite Work Gear

  • Reusable insulated water bottle with a straw- I drink more water if I have a straw. 
  • Yoga Mat- great for any workout when you need to get on the floor. 
  • Workout mats- I workout in my basement on the concrete. I have added these mats to the area for comfort. 
  • Blender- I have a ninja that I love to blend my shakes and make the kids smoothies and so much more. 
  • Weights- ranging from light to heavy based on your needs. i started years ago with 2lb weights. Right now for most workouts I use 9, 12, and 15. 
  • Foam Roller- Not only stretching but foam rollers essential for helping with the after work out tension in your muscles.
  • MYX Bike- I am loving my spin bike, just adding a variety to my workouts with different trainers. I have a code for a discount if interested. 
  • Workout App with a favorite of types of programs/workouts- I used Beachbody on Demand with Bodi. There are a variety of workout formats, types, lengths, intensity, etc. I have a code for this took.

Want to try a FREE sample workout? I can send you the link, send me an e-mail and lets chat. 
This month I also have $20 off packages and a special welcome gift for signing up. 

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