Friday Favorites- last week of Summer

Hey loves. How was your week? It is hard to believe it is the last Friday of my kids summer. They start school next Wednesday. We had a lot of fun and did a bunch of things, especially the last few weeks, hopefully my kids don't go to school and say they did nothing all summer. I am sad that their summer is coming to an end, I am really looking forward all the back to school fun, fall festivals, and new adventures for this school year. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Loving our new neighborhood and neighbors. We had dinner, drinks, a fire, and smores. A fun few hours and the kids had a blast. 

~ TWO ~

When you see it at the store and you want it, you have to buy it now especially at TJMAXX. i found this delicious skinny syrup white chocolate pumpkin syrup to add to my coffee. I has mixed it in hot and cold coffee with some almond milk. So good. The weather has been feeling like fall so why not. You can also get it on Amazon.


Back to school activities have started. Ella is going into 5th grade at a new school with lockers. She had locker set-up, drop off school supplies  and meet her homeroom teacher. (This year they switch classes, have specials like choir, band, and French so a bunch of teachers) 

Ella had a lot of trouble with her locker, but I was so proud of her for not getting frustrated. Turns out we all were having problems with her locker (myself, her teacher, and a janitor) the school is supposed to have it fixed by open house this upcoming Monday. 

~ FOUR ~

Trip to Cedar Point. we usually go at least once every summer. the end of summer just catch up with us. This year we took Ella's friend, Emily to ride the bigger rides with her, and met other friends there also. 

Anna's first ride ever at Cedar Point was the merry go round. It is the first ride when you go into the main entrance of the park. She rode it twice while the bigger kids rode a boat ride, Motion Ocean that goes back and forth. 

They both have such road rage. Anna did ride once by herself but didn't get the concept of steering and pressing the gas petal. The second time they rode they went together so she could experience bumper cars. 

These girls talked me into riding what I call Tilt A Whirl with them. 

Later that evening I took Anna and Austin on it again. Austin declared it one of his favorite rides. We had so much fun at Cedar Point. 

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  1. Looks like you all had a great week and Cedar Point looks like so much fun!
    Love the sound of the white chocolate pumpkin syrup, I bet that is amazing.
    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. 😊

    1. We did have so much fun. my kids are already asking to go back to Cedar Point


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