Friday Favorites

Hey loves. Happy Friday. We made it another week. We have one more week left of summer and lots of fun planned plus all the before school start activities. This week we were a little more relaxed but productive. Tomorrow I am stepping out of my comfort zone, going on a road trip down to Columbus for Beachbody's Super Saturday. Not only will I will learning about new products and workouts coming soon but also finally meeting my team in person. This is my first time since having Audrianna, three years ago, going out and doing something for me. I am so excited for all of it. (and a little nervous)

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We went as a family to the zoo. The kids were pretty well behaved, even with it so hot out. 

They were all excited to ride the train and didn't argue to take pictures. 

~ TWO ~

Betty Lou aka my sourdough starter is doing good. I made sour dough bread for the second time and it turned out so good. Also made homemade pasta sauce with tomatoes that needed used up. Ella and Austin both asked for seconds. 


Back to school haircuts. They are all growing to fast. 

~ FOUR ~

Finally went to the movies this summer for the $2 summer special movie we saw Trolls. It was Anna's first time at the theatre and she did so good. She did end up sitting with me most of the time and was standing some of the time too. We also bought a large pop corn and they ate the whole thing so that helped keep them entertained. 

~ FIVE ~

Anna loves animals. All summer Anna has been going to pick up Ella with me in the mornings when she is at her fathers. This week was the first time that the cat let Anna pet her. Anna was so happy. 

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