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We have been in our new house for 9 months already. It doesn't feel like that long. Little by little we are turning this house into our home with personalization, removing, new windows, removing trees, and so much more. We went from a ranch three bedroom, one and a half bath 1,612 sq ft house, to two story colonial 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath 2,689 sq ft house. With a bigger house comes more cleaning. I feel like we finally got into a good cleaning routine, and I have the kids helping with little things too. 

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Having a cleaning schedule has been key to keeping our house cleaning maintained. When we first moved in I wasn't sticking to any sort of schedule and cleaning would pile up that I tried to tackle it all at once and got overwhelmed. Having my kids help, even just little things has also been so helpful. 

I have this cleaning schedule posted on our fridge. Each day the kids are assigned one of the cleaning jobs. On Mondays they help with bathrooms, Tuesday dusting, Wednesday garbage, Thursday windows, Friday laundry ( they have to bring down there clothes and I fold they put away) Weekends they have to fully clean their room and one day a week they also help with a meal. 

Other Daily Cleaning
  • After every meal (or at least everyday) we fill the dishwasher, hand wash what is needed, and start the dishwasher every night.
  • Sweep or vacuum anytime there is a mess
  • Take out trash when full
  • Straighten up living room
  • Wipe down counters and stove
  • Go through mail / school paperwork and put away or throw away
Monthly Cleaning
  • Deep Clean Dishwasher
  • Deep Clean Washer
  • Deep Clean Coffee Pot
  • Wash bedsheets
  • Deep Clean Garbage Disposal
  • Vacuum under couch cushion and move furniture

What is your cleaning routine?

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