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 Hey loves. How is your week going? We are over here enjoying our last week of summer. i am quickly recapping last week. 

Monday August 8th

Second attempt at making sour dough and actually eating it. I made some last week but schedules changed and we never got around to eating it. 

My van had to go into the shop for an oil change and overall "check up" so Anna got to rid in daddy's car, which doesn't happen very often. We found two Donald Duck stuffed animals to play with that have been in there forever. 

Preparing for back to school. Even though they don't start until the 24. 

My parents and niece came over for haircuts. I had cut my kids the day before. One more thing checked off the back to school list. 

Dinner turned out so good. Homemade low sugar pasta sauce over zoodles and homemade sourdough bread. The kids even liked the bread and ate two slices. 

After dinner coloring while I messed with my new cricut Explore 3

Tuesday August 9th

Early morning work session with my health and wellness team. 

Austin playing with his trains. I said he should make a train the ran from one side of his room to his other. 

Getting in my workout on my myx bike. What you don't see is Anna playing in front of the bike with a wooden train.

Austin had a meet and greet with his new principle and playdate with all the kids in first grade. It was hectic and crazy with so many kids running around and following around Anna who wanted to climb on everything that she is to small for. It was also sponsored by Dairy Queen and all the kids got Dilly Bars. Anna got a dairy - free Dilly bars that she didn't want so I got to 

After we got home Austin decided to play in a mud puddle in our dirt pile. By the time he was finished he needed a shower. 

Ella had a sleepover at her friends house that lives a few houses down from us. They went camping in her backyard. 

Wednesday August 10th

Ella came back from her sleepover expecting Claudia to be at our house for a place date, but plans changed. I still had a fun surprise for the kids. 

We went to the last Summer Movie at Regal Cinemas. We saw Trolls. 

This was Anna's first time at the movies and she did so good. Half the time she was sitting on my lap or next to me. She also liked standing at the wall in front of us. I got a large popcorn and between the 4 of us we ate most of it. 

Thursday August 11th

Anna went with me again to pick up Ella from her dads. This was the first time the cat came to get petted . 

And she still got love from the dog. (She had a coughing fit in the car and threw up on her clothes, hence while she is just in a diaper)

Mommy's little sidekick. I was working on a project with my cricut and she stayed near by. 

Just a random dress up day, and the twirl. 

While Anna was at school we ran to TJ Maxx for some school clothes for Ella. I found this adorable Mickey Mouse tea light Halloween decoration. Now I am on the search for the matching Minnie Mouse. 

Picking Anna up from school Austin must have been tired. He has been taking a lot more naps lately. 

Friday August 12th

530 in the morning, I'm in the bathroom on the main floor. Anna creeps down the stairs and slowly slides open the door. Good thing I heard her breathing or she would have scared the crap out of me. 

Ella had sleepover last night with her friend so Austin had a sleepover in the living room. 

These mornings are not feeling like summer weather they are feeling like fall. and when you find pumpkin syrup at T.J Maxx you have to buy it and try it. 

I went with the white chocolate pumpkin this year, last year I got a different brand of pumpkin spice and wasn't the biggest fan. This is so good. You can also get it on Amazon.

Anna talked Ella and her friend to play dress up.

Anna found her baby bouncer that was also Ella's and Austin's and wanted to sit in it. 

Ella went to her dad's for the weekend. We ended up having pizza for dinner with our neighbors. They also had a fire and the kids make smores. Just another one of the reasons we love our new neighborhood is the friends my kids are making and the friends Brian and I are making also. 

Saturday August 13th

Up early and out the door at 630 ALONE to go to Beachbody's quarterly conference. So excited to learn what's coming out, do a live workout, and meet my coach and team. I had a two hours drive ahead of me. Grabbed gas and Starbucks, put on some podcasts and hit the road. 

Doesn't that look like water up ahead?

It turned out to be dense fog for a good mile. 

I made it to the event. There is my coach, Amy with the black hair. This was during a trivia game. A reminder of what we do and why we do it. Help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy fulfilling life, by connecting them with workouts and nutrition to help them achieve their results while giving them support and tools along the way. 

The conference was at a local church. It felt like a 5 star hotel with roses on the toilet paper rolls. I wish I lived closer to attend this gorgeous church. 

#deathbygrasso workout, at least that is what we renamed it. It was a great cardio workout with legs, shoulder/ arms and core. I felt it for 3 days after. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did the workout and surprised myself by how much I was able to push myself and how great it felt to accomplish this. 

It is a must in my books if I am in Columbus to stop at Ikea. as this is the closest one to us. I ended up getting new cutting boards, some tea candles, and Austin a chair for his room. 

All of us before the workout. Can you spot me? (bottom row in a grey shirt, 5 from the right)

Mama and two baby deer setting off our doorbell camera. Also a glimps at the truck Brian just bought on Friday. His car had a few recalls that couldn't be fixed as no parts were available. 

Brian and the kids wanted to do something (really Brian because the kids were bad most of the day not listening and very whiny). We headed to the fair. Traffic was so crazy and busy we decided against it. Instead that means airplanes. Which is a new favorite thing to do on weekends. (or after work hours)

We went to dinner then walking at the park. 

Followed by playing on the playground. 

Sunday August 14th

Anna watering the flowers with her little duck watering can. 

Brian went to work and I got busy labeling Ella and Austin's school supplies with my cricut. 

As we were getting ready to go to Brian's parents house for his uncles birthday dinner Austin said, "mom there is a weird bird in the tree" I ignored him and thought he was talking about the doves that have been having out in our front flower bed. When we go outside to leave I see his hawk just sitting on a low branch on our front tree. 

Brian's uncle turned 65. Someone else made this for him.

My parents gave my in laws this turtle sandbox. It is barely big enough for the three kids, but my mother in law watched my two year old niece everyday and it will be the perfect size for her. 

Anna and Lauren, they are 11 months apart. 

Hope you had a great week. 

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