Our Week- with potty training and Asian lights festival

 Hey loves. Crazy day with another new schedule/routine added in. Today Audrianna starts preschool 3 days a week for 2 and a half hours. Hopefully that means I will get more done off my to do list uninterrupted (probably not). Lets look back at the fun we had last week.

Monday August 29

430 comes early but I started my morning with a mindset morning and a workout in before I had to get Ella from her dads. 

A long weekend with not enough sleep, not going to bed early and having to get up at 6am calls for a quick nap on the way home. 

The day before Brian's uncle notice a lot of bees (or wasps or something) flying around and going in and out of the ground right by our back door. I am talking probably at least 50 if not more. The hole was small, after dark Brian went out there and sprayed stuff. (don't come at me for the safety of my family) The next morning the bees were gone, the whole was bigger and there was honey comb minus the honey sitting on the ground. 

Anna and Austin have been playing outside after eating breakfast and before Austin goes to school, so at 730 in the morning. 

The adventures in potty training has begun. Why yes she needs water, gold fish, and the tablet. She sat on that potty a while. I spent my time in the living room with her watching Vampire Diaries. 

It has been a group effect. Ella had homework to do, Anna wanted to color with Ella so she sat on the potty in the office. 

Shrimp tacos for dinner. 

This girl and this dirt pile. It turned into another bath night. 

Reading bedtime stories. 

Anna doesn't go a night without playing with her magnetic tiles before bed. 
Day 1 of potty training was half and half. She did go poop in the potty, she asked for a diaper I said no and went and put her on the potty. She had an accident on the floor and on the chair. 

Tuesday August 30

Another day in the adventures of potty training. Anna started off rough got a little better, pooped in her undies then went back to a rough rest of the day. She was falling asleep on me and peed so we got up and changed and took a couch cushion off. The rest of the night she was in a pull up. My parents came over to watch my kids and I didnt want to worry them with the beginning stages of potty training either so she stayed in a pull up. They did however did ask her if she wanted to pee in the potty and she always said no. 

Brian and I attended a Cleveland Gladiators game, aka Indians. It was for a charity event sponsored by his work Coldwell Banker and supporting Empower Little Heroes and Cleveland Clinic Chile Life Services. The event was catered and held in the Terrance club. Ketchup, mustard, and onion walked through and i got a few shots. Onion walked to fast.

I also jumped in a picture with Slider and two of Brian's coworkers that I love. 


We didn't have bad seats either. row M. They ended up winning but we left before it was over because it was a school night and needed to make sure my kids were both asleep. i also had an early morning the next day.

Wednesday August 31

Getting into the routine of waking up and getting my workout done before anyone else is awake.

I need to be strong to be able to carry this cute butt to and from the bus stop because she insisted on going and was cold. 

Boxes are made to play in. Brian and I put together the kids trampoline.

Anna also played in her sandbox that she insists on sitting in the sand and not on the bench.

Potty training didnt go well. After Anna had 4 poop accidents in one day I gave up. I mentally needed a break.

Thursday September 1

While the older kids were at school Anna had the trampoline all to herself. But every few minutes she wanted in and out. 

She also went back and forth to her sand box too. I did some ready but was interrupted a lot. 

First of the month means washing all the bed sheets, coffee maker, and a new challenge on my apple watch. 

Got two new tops from The Be Brand's Spooky Collection. (code AdrienneP10 for a discount)

This is my favorite new fall long sleeve t-shirt from The Be Brand.

I was taking pictures so Anna needed a picture too.

First day of September calls for a pumpkin spice cold brew. The line was crazy long at 2pm. 

Lots of time on the trampoline and some sibling love.

Ella's lunch

Austin's lunch

Potty training- we had a relaxed day with potty training. 

Friday September 2

Beautiful sunrise taken by Ella in the backseat. Instead of complaining about having to get up early to get Ella from her dads, instead I get to see these gorgeous view sunrise. 

I though the same thing I didn't get to workout because Anna woke up at 510. Instead I got extra cuddles. 

Yes I have a reindeer in my living room. Yes there is a real deer outside my window looking at the reindeer.

Getting ready to go pick p Groceries. 

Back home with our lunch and playing.

Run Run Run around the trampoline. Anna loves it. 

Such a hard life she fell asleep on the stairs, yes I moved her. 

We are off to the Asian Lantern Festival at the Cleveland Zoo

"mom take my picture with the dolphin"

This was an attitude because she wanted to stand on the dolphin base for her picture. 

Instead she got to huge a penguin.

They loved playing the drums that made the lights dance. 

"mom a mermaid shell take my picture"

We got the kids ice cream. Afterwards Austin was cold. He put on his pants and coat. It was still in the 70s outside. 

"Mom I'm Ella the Phant as in Elephant take a picture"

This was my favorite the heart changed colors too.

We had a great time. At the first the kids didn't want to go, they were having fun playing with friends at home. Previously when we were at the zoo they all wanted to go and see the lights at night. Afterwards they had fun and asked to go back again. 

Saturday September 3

Low key day. This was the only picture I took. I don't remember really what we did, besides stuff around the house. I did take Ella to my parents to have a camping sleepover in their backyard with Claudia. Austin went and played with the little boy across the street, and Brian did yard work. 

Sunday September 4

Morning cuddles with dad, lets watch Bluey on his late then fight. 

Homemade sweet cream pumpkin cold brew.

Sunday morning Disney movie was Incredibles that they kids didn't want to watch. 

Austin didn't want to watch either. 

Sunday was a crappy rainy day. But Anna made the best of it and danced in the rain.

Last workout in a 4 week program done. 

I didn't want to do it but I did it for the badge. 

It was a wet Labor Day cookout. Anna enjoyed dancing in the rain.

She also enjoyed eating cheesecake. 

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