Christmas Traditions Part 1

 Hey loves. We are in full on Christmas and holiday fun mode over here. Making all the lasting memories. I love Christmas traditions that we do year after year, that my kids enjoy, are excited about, and will remember for years. It is important to me and my family that we do traditions that we like. I love each year when they ask about a certain tradition such as this year Ella is so excited to drive around at Christmas lights, Anna wakes up looking for our Elf, and Austin is loving reading all the books. With that here are a few our of favorites Christmas traditions:

- Driving around looking at Christmas lights

I remember growing up and loading into the car and driving around, up and down the streets looking at the Christmas lights. We would listen to holiday music, and drink hot chocolate. It didn't matter if we saw the same houses over and over, or didn't drive far. It was the time together. 

I have carried on this tradition to my kids. Yes there some years, even some nights when they are more excited than others. Some nights we pop in a movie in the dvd player in our van and the kids watch a movie then we pause it when we get to a bunch of lights. 

- Christmas Books

For a few years we did the 25 days of Christmas books. Each night a book would appear under the tree wrapped (or in a gift bag). Each year I would add a few new ones to the collection and remove a few. I have gotten the books anywhere and everywhere from garage sales, Goodwill, Dollar Tree, Ollies, Walmart Usborne, etc. 

Instead of opening a new book everyday, we put all regular books in the kids rooms and in the living room we leave only the Christmas books. The kids get to pick different Christmas books we read each day. 

- Advent

Everyday we do chocolate advent calendars with the kids. This year Austin's Star Wars calendar is from Target, but every piece of candy just says Star Wars. The girls candy is from Aldi this year and each piece of candy is a different shape. 

The other advent we do with our kids the Disney Advent book calendar (similiar to what we have). It comes with 24 little books telling a different Disney story. Each book is slid into a book sleeve making it individually wrapped. We have reused the same sleeve year after year. I am horrible at remembering to do this advent everyday so most days we are reading more than one book.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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  1. Such fun traditions! We used to do every single one these! (Now no one wants to anymore... though I'm sure they'd eat all the chocolates if I bought them the advent calendars).

    1. I am dreading when the kids decided they don't want these little Christmas traditions

  2. Driving around looking at Christmas lights is one of my daughters' favorite things to do during Christmas!

  3. I love driving around to look at lights. I bought a Lindt chocolate advent calendar this year and warned my son not to eat them all in one go as he has done in the past!!

  4. Christmas traditions are my jam! I love these traidtions of yours.


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