Friday Favorites

 Hey loves. Happy Friday and last day of March. We made it to the weekend finally. We had a short 4 day school week but did it feel like the longest week ever. I am ready for a somewhat relaxing and fun weekend. Are you doing anything fun this weekend? Lets Bring on April and warmer weather and a better month. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

We went to church again. I know you maybe thinking so what, this is a big deal for our family. We have went twice already and the kids seems to be enjoying it and asking to go back. With that almost means I have to get out of workout pants and into jeans. 

~ TWO ~

I am still over here baking away with sourdough. I made sourdough cinnamon rolls for after church with homemade cream cheese frosting. They were so delicious, so sweet, and so not healthy. 

I also made sundried tomato and Mozzarella stuffed bread. This has to be my favorite so far. 


On weekends Austin has been sleeping on the ground in the fort in his room. I peaked in there the other morning at 6am because I heard him up and talking. He was reading to his stuffed animals. 

~ FOUR ~

The older two didnt have school on Monday but Anna still did. They both insisted on going with me to pick Anna up from school and being the ones to go inside to get her. 

~ FIVE ~

We were at my parents house and my nieces keyboard was in the living room. Anna was playing and singing to her own little tune. 

~ SIX ~

I tried the sample workout for the new 21 Day Fix block. OMG I loved it. I am so excited to start the new program next week with 15 new workouts just 30 minutes a day. 


Anna and I joined her friends at the open gym at a local gymnastics gym. We had so much fun running around for an hour then came home and took a much needed nap. 

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  1. What a fun week of favorites! My boys used to sleep in their forts in their rooms too and I loved seeing how cozy they made them. How cute to find your son reading to his stuffed animals!

  2. I’m so happy you guys are liking church! It makes all the difference when you find a good one and you want to keep going back! I am curious to learn more about the new 21 day fix, I did the old one years ago and loved it. I still have the DVDs and do them a while.

    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess


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