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Monday March 6

I didn't wake up with my alarm at 430, so really I never felt my alarm going off on my watch. When my phone went off at 545, my watch showed it was going off but wasn't vibrating. I got up, got ready, woke Ella up and headed downstairs to press play. I started a new program that is only 20 minutes. Perfect that Ella can get ready herself and I can workout. 

There were some deer on my walk home after Ella got on the bus. Yes I maybe a little obsessed with deer. 

Preschool pick up has become a joy. Their is a chalkboard that the kids loving playing with. Anna chalks, then wipes it off with her hands and turns the color of the chalk. Then she wants to use a lot of hand sanitizer to clean it all up. This day she also decided to use her chalked hands as make-up. 

The rest of the evening was a blur. Ella had her shake and making class. There was a bunch of playing kitchen with Anna, We had delicious zoodles Alfredo for dinner. 

Tuesday March 7

Look who dad found waking up at the same time ready to come downstairs.

It has been a day that mom is getting nothing done on her to do list because Anna wants to play with mom all day. 

Anna found stickers again. If you missed last week she put them all over her body then all over my office wall. She added them to the wall again. 

I escaped downstairs to get a quick workout in.

Anna and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. We made bourbon walnut granola, it is so good. 

When Ella and Austin got home they played hide and seek. 

With dinner we had some air fried chickpeas. 

After dinner, making cookies with the girls. I cleaned up the kitchen, made Austin's lunch (Ella was buying the next day) and made overnight oats for breakfast tomorrow. The kids played hide and seek together and got along. 

Wednesday March 8

Up early getting my workout done. Boy did I forget the difference in bands and the burn. 

Disney Peaceful Piano has been playing on my Alexa. I didn't realize it was love songs specific until I took this picture. 

After preschool Anna requested to go shopping. She doesn't care where we go shopping. We stopped at Dollar Tree. I found a few cute Easter decorations and she bought some stuff to paint. 

Thursday March 9

Another day another appointment with Ella for her hearing loss. She had an MRI done, which she did great for. 

Per her request we got Raising Canes for lunch. I had to get a lemonade only because it was Green, they were getting ready for St. Patrick's Day. 

While Ella was at the doctor, Anna had a playdate at Grandma's playing with her cousin Lauren. I walk in the house they are both sitting in the chair drinking their apple juice out of identical cups, watching and singing along to Frozen. 

They are a year apart and pretty much the same size. They are becoming the best of friends. 

At home Anna talked Ella into playing kitchen with her. (Brian is working on remodeling the toy room/dining room so all of Anna's toys are in the living room) 

My first attempt at making sourdough bread with the dehydrated started I bought. It was a success and turned out so good. 

While at the Dollar Tree Anna also found a little container of play doh. She has been so good about sitting at her little table playing with it in the kitchen and not on the carpet. 

It's time for bed. Anna's Duplo block have been moved to her room. Now she builds things every night before bed. 

Friday March 10

We woke up Friday to a light dusting of snow. It was the nice snow that stuck to your nose and eyelashes. If there was enough it would have been great for a snowman, but we never got enough. 

For the first time EVER Anna wanted me to braid her hair. The day before her cousin Lauren had pigtail braids like Princess Anna from Frozen. 

Doesn't she look adorable with braids. 

While Anna was at school I got my workout done. 

When I came upstairs there was even more snow. (it never ended up really sticking) 

After preschool we had to run to Target to grab her friends birthday gifts. They had golden eggs. Name the movie they are from? We didn't buy them but I want them. They had different sizes, were empty, and lightweight. 

Must have been a rough day that she took a nap. I have started to not like the days she naps because they she doesn't want to go to bed. 

Both of my favorite companies products arrived on the same day. 

"Please mommy can I have a cookie. " It was the folded hands that melted my heart. 

I picked up Ella's Girl Scout cookies cookie order. She got her initial rewards, one being these sunglasses. Since she was with her dad I was sure to send her a picture of me wearing them. 

Brian did the same thing. 

Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12

Earlier this week I shared a Weekend Day in the Life. Instead of reposting it here you can go back and read it over there. 

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