Not Just A Mom- Day in the Life Weekend Edition

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We finally got some snow and then it melted or really never stuck. This winter has sucked for my area with the amount of snow we have gotten. The forecast also has snow for this week, lets see if it really happens.

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This month its Day In the Life Weekend Edition. I want to be honest. I had wrote this whole post about a weekend back in February which was a typical weekend of. That post disappeared into cyber space and I deleted a lot of the photos off my phone already from it. I figured this out last week when I was going to put the final touches on the post. So instead you get a day in the life weekend edition from this past weekend. Ella was with her dad, and we actually had some plans. Lets take a look. Be ready for some true picture overload (well atleast on Saturday)

Saturday March 11

I did not set an alarm but my body still woke me up before 5, or at least I thought it was my body. I tossed and turned for a little bit then ended up just getting up. 

I always set my clothes out the night before to get a workout done. I got dressed put my contacts in and went to head downstairs. As soon as I walked out my of bedroom I heard a noise of which I thought was Anna. I stood there for a few moments to see if I heard it again, I didn't want to walk down the hallway and hit the motion sensor light incase she was awake. 

Instead I found Austin awake in his bed watching tv. He said he had only been up for a few minutes, but he doesn't really grasp the concept of time. 

When I got downstairs I put in my headphone and listened to the The Bible Recap plan on the bible app then I listen to the Bible Recap podcast. 

While listening I mixed my drinks for the morning, my pre-workout with collagen, and electrolytes that I drink while working out. 

I made my first attempt at sour dough bagels. 

Some little girl woke up at 530 screaming for her mommy. I brought her downstairs, gave her cereal, water, and a little Disney. 

While Anna ate I put all the dishes away that I put in the dishwasher the night before. 

Anna requested some cuddles before a workout. 

While cuddling I read the first charger of my new personal development book Leading in Tough Times by John Maxwell

Workout time. Anna opted out of joining me downstairs because Brian was up and he was cuddling with her. 

Finished week 1 of my workout program that is only 20 minutes. Threw up 10 minute core workout from one of my favorite programs, and 5 minutes of extra stretching. 

I baked my bagels, I don't think they rose enough the second time but we were hungry, but still tasted delicious. I made half cheddar and half everything but the bagel seasoning. 

While I was making breakfast Brian made a fort with Austin. (he also slept in the fort)

Girl Scout cookies came in and I wrote out little note cards with each persons name and what they ordered. This makes separating easy and confirming I have the cookies I need. 

Then I tackled going through all the cookies. 

Brian has been working on the remodeling/painting our dining room. He said he had about 20 minutes before he was do. I ran upstairs and took a shower. 

Then went in the kids bathroom to finish getting ready. 

We had a birthday party to go to for Anna's best friend and the girls I use to watch. 

It was at a gymnastics studio that the opened up for open gym. It was really just a crazy free for all with the kids running around. 

We had went here once before for open gym. 

Brian got wore up from rolling Austin around in this tube. 

Waking up before 5 didn't work in this kids favor. He crashed while everyone was eating pizza and cupcakes. 

Both of them crashed on the way home. Look at them both with open mouths. Anna stayed asleep at home for a while, Austin woke up as soon as we got home. 

Dinner I made my kids garlic butter grilled cheese, and Brian and I had soup that was in the freezer and sourdough bread I made on Thursday. 

As I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner I left my phone unattended on the table. I found about 20 pictures that look like this or just an eye or forehead. 

Anna insisted that I color with her. We colored for a good 30 minutes. 

I will say it turned out to be very relaxing. 

We ended the night with a fire and watching A Bug Life. I will admit I fell asleep on the couch before 9. 

Sunday March 12

No alarms were set and it was daylight savings time which means we spring an hour forward. We were suppose to be heading to church but there was no way all of us would be dressed, fed, and out the door in an hour. Opps.

Instead we had a slow morning. Brian baked bacon, while we watched some Star Wars and cuddled. 

Still eating the sourdough bagels I made the day before. They seemed to have shrunk overnight after being cooked. 

After breakfast I started cleaning the kitchen and started dinner in the crockpot. Brian and Anna played kitchen. 

Anna helped made the gravy for Swedish meatballs. 

Then we spent some more time coloring. 

Fed my sourdough starter to prep it to make bread tonight and tomorrow for sandwich bread. 

While Brian played blocks with Anna. 

Tada mom a castle. I was working on prepping for this week. 
Brian got dressed and started working in the dining room some more, then he headed off to work for a little bit. (he is a realtor). 

I made the kids pizza for lunch

I had my shake while working on the menu and grocery list for the week. 

Next up was cleaning the house. I did more dishes, sweep and vacuumed while listening to the Bible Recap plan on the bible app, the Bible Recap podcast, and an audiobook. I am currently listening to A Dirty Business for an audiobook book club. 

Ta da mom look what I did. (Austin spent time playing Xbox, and in his room playing with cars but didn't want a picture taken)

Baked another loaf of sourdough to go with dinner. 

More prepping for the week ahead, looking at our calendars, (working on this blog post). I also made a glass of my
pre-workout as a pick me up. I did a half of scoop just to give me a pick me up

The dreaded laundry pile. I wash everyone's laundry once a week on Fridays and either fold it and put away on Saturday or Sunday. 

Dinner turned our delicious

Bath time and night time routine of filling humidifiers and diffusers. 

I also started the dough for sandwich bread and made lunches for tomorrow. As well as cleaned up the kitchen and the living room. I didn't vacuum the living room early because there were toys everywhere and Anna was playing so I did it now. 

Bedtime stories and bed.

Hope you enjoyed following along on our weekend. How was your weekend?

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  1. I can't imagine waking up so early naturally! I stay up later too though.

    1. I use to work at a donut shop and have to be to work at 4am so I think it just stuck, that is as long as I get sleep

  2. I love how into the sourdough you are! One of my best friends is really into making sourdough too and it is delicious. Your weekend looks like a great mix of fun, being productive, but also relaxing together as a family. What a great weekend!

    Also, I just love your new house. I know it's not technically new anymore, but still new-ish! The house just seems to be such a great fit for your family.

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

    1. I keep joking that I am turning into Susie Homemaker just doing all the things. This house I still call new too and it really does fit us so well.

  3. Wow! Your bagels look amazing! Nice job!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! I tend to wake up pretty early most days too.

    1. some days are easy other days are a struggle to get up. It depends on how i sleep

  5. We had snow on Friday and it was nice but it was all gone by lunchtime. We're forecast rain all of this week but so far it hasn't been too bad.
    What fab photos and a good weekend for you. I love reading about normal days in people's lives. Well done with the bagels, they do look good.

  6. What a busy weekend! The little selfies are so sweet. The bread looks delish!

  7. Looks like a busy and fun weekend! I loved the blanket fort and the selfies from the little ones! That's precious! My adult kids do that if I leave my phone unattended and it's not as sweet any more, but it is hilarious. My husband and I repay the favor if they leave their phones out so it's all good .-)


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