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 Hey loves. How is it already the first Friday of July. Summer is just flying by. The past few days have started to feel like summer. All our family has gone home from being her for my father in laws funeral and celebration of life. The weather has been hot and we have been enjoying no schedules this week. Lets take a look at some of our fun from the past week. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

My birthday may not have been celebrated the way I would have chosen, we had my father in laws funeral and cookout, but I at least still got my free Starbucks. 

My mother also brought cake and ice cream to the cookout as a surprise to me. 

~ TWO ~

A fun hot quick trip to the zoo. We went with Brian's brother, and two nieces and had fun. It was originally suppose to be a lot more people but with the air quality and heat most of them changed their minds. 


We have been seeing more deer around. There are two moms with babies. The other night we had 5 females and 2 babies. I was within a foot of one of the females before she got skittish of the kids around. I had a bucket of food I was putting in their feeder. 

~ FOUR ~

Happy Independence Day. We went to a different city's parade. It was an hour long, the kids got some candy but they were not to impressed. It was a lot of political "floats". 

After much disagreement we ended up having a little cookout at home then went to our cities fireworks. I have to say it was the best fireworks I have seen in years. It was a full 28 minutes with a good 7 minute non-stop final. The other option were was in a different city were you had to get there 4 or so hours before fireworks and we would have to entertain the kids the whole time. We ended up making the best decision. 

~ FIVE ~

I blew up last years pool and filled it with water. The bottom ring has a whole and the side was caving out so Brian put a tree stump to hold it up. Either way the kids have been enjoying it with temps in the upper 80s. 

We have a new pool that I will put up next week. 

~ SIX ~

All of Brian's siblings came home for his dad's funeral and celebration of life. I hate to say this was probably the last time they will all get together. They came from Washington, Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

Siblings with their spouses (who were able to come) and Brian's mom. 

Brian's niece who came home from California. 

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