July Current Intentions

  Hey loves. Happy first Wednesday of the July. I feel like today is the first day of summer and I am ready to hit the ground running on so many things. From new schedules and routines, to eating better, to focusing on intentional me time, intentional time with my kids, lots of fun and exciting things. 

It's the first Wednesday of the month. I am taking a look back at my intentions for last month and sharing my intentions for this month. 

But first linking up with Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness for currently.


All the time we have been spending together as a family and with family. From vacation to birthdays to my father in laws funeral and celebration of life to Cedar Point and the zoo, dinner with extended family. 


My niece left dark chocolate pretzels at our house when she went back to Seattle. They are so good and a treat. I could eat the whole big bag. 


In the past week we have celebrated my birthday and my father in laws celebration of life. All 7 of Brian's siblings were able to make it home for the burial of their dad (who passed away in January) and a celebration. 



Trying to get into a new summer routine. Making the to do lists, being intentional with my time and time with my kids, 

July Intentions:


  • Go out for birthday dinner with Brian
  • Go on a lunch date with girlfriend
  • Have a playdate 


  • Gratitude journal every day
  • devotional daily
  • Bible recap
  • complete Job1 super block
  • Complete Barre Blend super block
  • Drink 70 oz of water a day
  • Read personal development book with virtual gym book club
  • Ride Myx Bike 4 times
  • Get back into a morning routine (not just winging the day)
  • Get a haircut


  • Celebrate Anna's birthday
  • Celebrate Austin's birthday
  • Host kids birthday party
  • Start planning vacation for 2024
  • Plan fun things to do with family at least once a week
  • Spend at least 100 hours outside
  • Take Ella to see The Little Mermaid at the theatre
  • Have a mother daughter date with Ella at Cedar Point
  • Go to Cedar Point as a family again
  • family movie night
  • family game night
  • Potty train overnight
  • Check items off Summer Bucket List

Home Life:

  • Start organizing basement
  • Sell toys in basement
  • Go through school supplies for next year

Social Media:

  • Share 2 reels a week on Instagram
  • Share 1 new tik tok a week
  • Send out newsletter
  • Help 3 women on their health and wellness journey

Lets look back at June:

  • date night with Brian- no
  • date night with girlfriends- no
  • field trip with Austin's class- yes
  • enjoy vacation- yes
  • Brian's dad's funeral- yes
  • complete new Job 1 super block- still working on it
  • start limiting screen time after vacation- yes
  • start second year of 1000 hours outside- yes
  • celebrate my birthday- yes
  • do nightly stretching 3 days a week- no forgot i even said I wanted to do this
  • hit 10,000 steps a day- no
  • start new devotional- no
  • go on a lunch date with a friend- no
  • start affirmations with the kids again- no
  • go to church atleast once- no
  • Plan weekly play dates for the kids- yes
  • Come up with summer schedule for the kids- no

1000 Hours Outside, started June 2023
June hours- 142
Total Hours- 142

Apple Watch Goals:
Move goal 450 cal- 25 out of 30
Exercise goal 30 minutes- 20 out of 30
Stand goal 12 hours- 29 out of 30

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  1. It's always sad that the death of a loved one brings great family reunions about, but I'm glad you all had that time together as you celebrated his life. I'm so sorry for your and your husband's loss! I'm so glad you joined us for Currently this month!

  2. It's so good that all the siblings could make it back to remember your FIL's life, but it's always sad when it takes a death or tragedy to get everyone together. I'm sorry for your loss.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad everyone was able to gather for your father-in-law's celebration of life. There is nothing like remembering a life well lived than with family.


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