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  Hey loves. I am sharing more from our vacation. If you missed it I shared our Road Trip Adventure ,  Hotel Tour and Disney SpringsHollywood StudiosMagic Kingdom and Character Breakfast and the Gulf Coast Today is about our day at Epcot. 

In a reality Epcot was a blur of a day. We had Brian's nephew who works at Disney World with us the whole day. He also has a disability pass that works somewhat like a virtual que for some rides. We were back and forth everywhere all other the park, there was miscommunication on ride swap, and temper tantrums. It was hot and everyone was just moody. It still was a great day with wonderful memories. If it was just the 5 of us the day would have went a lot different but we are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Brian's nephew and the added bonuses we got as well.

We picked up Brian's nephew and headed to the park. Our first ride for the day was Nemo because why not. There is never a wait and the kids love it. 

Especially the end where you exit in to a huge aquarium. We only looked around for a few minutes before we had Soarin with a virtual que. We were suppose to go back to the aquarium and do Turtle Talk with Crush but never made it back over there.

First Brian, nephew, and Austin rode Soarin while they road Ella and I amused Anna. When they got off Ella and I got to ride soarin. We quickly rode Living the Land, which is so peaceful and the kids love to see how different things are grown, like pineapples. 

We headed around the world to ride the Frozen ride with another virtual que. We had a few minute wait before we could get in line so I grabbed a frozen mocha coffee without alcohol. (we hadn't had coffee that morning). It was really good but I ended up sharing with Anna and Ella. The ride ends in the Norway girl shop. 

They all needed photos. 

My favorite part of the day. I made it known with excuses we were meeting Snow White. I brought Anna's dress that was just to big and heavy to wear all day, she put it on over her clothes just for the pictures. Snow White is Anna's favorite princess. 

Austin wanted nothing to do with meeting her. 

I snuck in for a picture too. 

My favorite part. The hug that lasted forever. During this hug Snow White officially named Anna the 8th dwarf, Snuggly dwarf. It was the cutest and sweetest thing ever. 

Next we rode Ratatouille. It was a very cool ride. 


We cooled off for a little bit while eating lunch at Via Napoli. It was our first time here and not my first pick of restaurants. We got a huge pizza to share and it ended up being really good. I normally don't like wood fire pizza and I try to avoid cheese. 

After lunch the kids wanted to see the trains. My kids love these trains. (even thought they can play with them whenever because Grandma has one in her basement). 

The wait wasn't to long so we went to meet Anna and Elsa. The interaction with Elsa was cute. 

The interaction with Anna we were happy with. Audrianna was trying to get her attention, tell her that they had the same name etc but Princess Anna was more interested in Austin who was hiding behind me and wanted to do nothing with meeting them. 

We had boarding group passes for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. You have a one hour time frame to get to the ride when your boarding group is called. The boys went and got in line while Anna ran off (temper tantrum number one) because she wanted a donut. 

Yes this donut is the size of her head and gross. She ate about a 1/3 of it. 

Back to the Guardians ride. The boys were still on the ride while we were waiting and our one hour slot window was quickly approaching. We never thought it would be this long. I ended up going to a Cast member and explaining the situation. Finding out we should have been done a ride swap before the boys got on the ride. She was awesome and able to get up the ride swap for when the boys got off. It also got us in a different line and we were on the ride in 15 minutes instead of an hour. 

While Ella and I road Guardians of the Galaxy, which OMG is amazing. It doesn't feel like a Disney ride for the speed and wiping around, but it was awesome and my new favorite ride. The boys took Anna to ride Spaceship Earth (the big ball). She ended up falling asleep on the ride. (Ella and I never ended up riding the ride even though she wanted to) 

We got off Guardians and the boys got on test track. While we were waiting we had some visitors. They just walked right up behind us. 

They must have been hiding in the grass and we didn't know it. They had no fear. 

Ella designed our car for test track. 

During the wait for Guardians and Test Track, instead of sitting and just waiting we should have gone back to look at the aquarium and did Spaceship Earth. We did not use our time wisely. 
By the time we were off everything it was already 730, we hadn't eaten any dinner. Brian didn't get to check out all the food, drinks, and shops around the world. We headed over there to find something to each. 
Sometime during the day Anna also had another temper tantrum that involved her running off barefoot to go see the trains again. I sat at a distance and watched her go as other parents stopped when they saw a child running away with no adult. I did end up following her. She at times has a one track mind. 
We ended the night getting some food and watching the fireworks. 

opps i almost forgot our professional photos

It was not a photographer but a photo box that takes the pictures with the princesses. This was the best one with Elsa and none of them were good with Anna as no one was looking. 

We rode Frozen twice and only got one picture. 

Me and Ella on Test Track, we didn't get a picture from when the boys rode. 

We had a few more days left after our day at Epcot but it was our last day at Disney. Still to come, another resort day with a timeshare meeting and Disney Spring, then our drive home with stops in Tennessee. 

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  1. Despite the little setbacks, it looks like you all managed to have a good time and you packed a lot into your day!


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