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  Hey loves. I am back today sharing more of our vacation. If you missed it I shared our Road Trip Adventure ,  Hotel Tour and Disney Springs, and Hollywood Studios Today is all about Magic Kingdom. 

Magic Kingdom is my favorite park and when you say Disney World this is the park most people think of. (Disney World is made up for 4 main parks.) It was another hot day, didn't go as planned, we didn't get to ride all the rides we wanted to, the park was busy and waits were long. We did purchase the Genie plus for this day and it helped some. 

We got to Magic Kingdom around 930. We had to park then walk to the ticket and transportation center, hopped on the boat over to Magic Kingdom. (the line for the monorail was longer, which is the only other option to get to the park). By the time we got throw security, on the boat, through the gates, and down main street it was 1015 and we got on our first ride. Our family tradition is we always ride the Tea Cups first thing. One reason is we do it when it isn't so hot and when Brian's stomach is settled as he doesn't do spiny rides very well. Anna and Austin were big enough to ride by themselves. 

Brian and I rode with Anna. 

Next up was the Little Mermaid Ride. This is Ella's favorite ride and I got to ride with her. 

Next we headed to the complete opposite side of the park for Big Thunder Mountain Genie plus times. Brian and Austin rode together, then Ella and I rode because Anna isn't tall enough for the ride. 

While we waited for our next Genie plus we rode Aladdin's carpets. Then we became pirates on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. 

Pirates is one of the worst with their exiting the ride. You exit in a gift shop that the kids want everything. 

Lunch time. At my favorite quick service restaurant that we used mobile order for. Columbia Harbor House. It has lots of indoor seating, we usually go up stairs. Brian and I got a lobster roll. The kids got chicken fingers. We all split hush puppies. 

Where we were sitting at lunch Anna could hear the steam boat outside. The was our next ride. 

How doesn't love the carousel. 

Then we attempted to pull the sword out of the stone. 

With no luck. Then quickly got in line and rode the Winnie the Pooh ride. 

It was time for the 3pm parade. We found a somewhat good spot (under adults stood in the kids ways in a no stopping zone) and grabbed some popcorn and watched the parade. 

After the parade Austin started getting overheated. He was real hot, didn't feel good, clamy feeling. We took him out of the sun, got him fresh ice water, rewet his Frogg Togg cooling towel (we have the cheap ones off Amazon too and they suck) and I bought a misting fan to cool him off. I don't think he was drinking enough before hand and it was hot temps feeling like 100 degrees. 

We were all ready for a break so we headed to hop on the monorail and to grab some dinner. For dinner we went to the Polynesian Resort and ate outside at Captain Cooks. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort when we came the first time with just Ella. I got pulled pork nachos, and the kids got chicken again. It also became nap time for Anna again. 

When we got back to Magic Kingdom we had a Genie plus time for Haunted Mansion. (for some reason the girls picture didn't turn up on our Disney account. )

Anna cuddling with her daddy after running away to get in line to ride carousel again. 

Can you see Anna smiling from ear to ear?

Every day I said we had a temper tantrum. This one was even after her nap. She wanted the light up Ariel bubble wand. (We have a Minnie Mouse one at home that I forgot to pack just for this reason). She was escaping out of the stroller and running over to where they were selling them asking for one. I used her money and she got one and was happy was can be. (A month later and it still works and makes her happy)

The aww on her face for fireworks. Austin ended up falling asleep. I don't think he has seen any fireworks at Disney World because he always falls asleep. 

After fireworks we slowly wandered around the park and did some shopping on our way out as we were not in a rush. As a thank you for all of the help and not complaining once and her pure excitement and smile on this vacation Brian surprised her with mermaid ears. 

More attempts at the Disney photo pass photographers. At least Anna is looking this time. 

I love Anna and Austin hugging. These were taken earlier in the day. 

 Our our way out we made one last photo stop with Walt and Mickey. 

We unfortunately didn't get a chance to meet any princesses. The lines were over 45 minute waits for most of them. There was one whole section we missed. We ended up walking back and forth across the park to many times you would think we were beginners instead of doing each section at a time, this was partially based on when our Genie plus times were. Even with all that the kids had a great time, we made lots of memories and it won't be our last time to Disney World. 

Next week I will be sharing Day 5 with a character breakfast and another beach. 

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  1. Despite the heat and long lines, it looks like you all had an amazing time! We are due for a trip back to Disney World!


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