Halloween Outside Decorations

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Hey loves. We finally got outside to decorate for Halloween. Brian has been ripping out some landscaping, planting grass, moving rocks, getting a back patio and more outside projects that put a hold on decorating. Between schedules and the weather we have gotten pretty much everything done that we are going to be doing this year, (at least I think we are done for now). With that means I dragged down the Halloween outdoor decorations from the attic and got to decorating. Welcome lets take a look.

Photo above is also evidence that I do get up on the roof and can do things. Brian did get up there to hang the spiderweb, but I got up there to put the second spider up. I was also on the ladder hanging things. (iykyk)

This is the second year we put up the spider web. This year it took me about 30 minutes to untangle the web. It is actually still twisted up at the top but not noticeable. Last year we had a bush that we put the spiders on that was connected to the web. This year the spiders are heavy and pulling the web. I have one connected to the gutter and the other wrapped in the web at the window. 

The kids asked to do the spider webs on the bushes. Two of the bushes are Holly bushes and have prickers. I told Brian when he pulls these in the spring they probably will still have web left on them. 

There really is nothing special about our decorations. It is a mix of different things, most of which we got from family. We have a lot of scary stuff that we didn't put up. I want to keep my house kid friendly. I say this as last year when Anna was 3 we went trick or treating to a house that had a life size Dracula. She still talks about this house and doesn't want to go back there. I don't want to be that house, especially because I have little kids and our neighbors have little kids. 

Witches Hats

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