October Monthly Musing

 Hey loves. Happy Thursday that feels like a Friday. My kids have a 3 day weekend and we are heading on a mini road trip to my sister in laws farm.  I am linking up for this month's monthly musing with Patty and Holly.

1- What are your Thanksgiving plans?

We are hosting Thanksgiving for 22 plus people, the list seems to keep growing. 

2- Favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Moms Broccoli Casserole 

3- Best food prep tips?

Prep as much as you can a few days before. Also remember to pull the turkey out of the freezer. I also like to lay out the dishes that are needed with serving spoons. 

4- Favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

Growing up my favorite Thanksgiving tradition was getting the newspaper with all the toy ads. My sister and I would go through the ads and make out Christmas list to give to family later that day. We would also watch the Thanksgiving parade at the same time. 

Now my favorite Thanksgiving tradition every other year our Elf on the Shelf, Gus Gus arrives with a North Pole Breakfast. This changes based on what day we have Ella. Before we started hosting Thanksgiving we would put up our Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving morning before we went to family for dinner. Now that we are hosting we will be decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

5- Turkey? Ham? Other? Both?

Turkey, I don't personally like ham. 

7- Football or Family movie?

I grew up watching movies on Thanksgiving. Now Brian puts football on the tv. 

8- Stuffing or dressing?

I honestly don't know what the difference is. 

9- Turkey trot or Thanksgiving parade?

Thanksgiving parade. 

10- Have you ever done a Friendsgiving?

Yes I use to host Friendsgiving. My girlfriends and their families would come over. Unfortunately it turned into me cooking everything, no one was bringing anything, then they baked out at the last minute for numerous reason that I just stopped. 

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  1. Wow! What a crowd you are hosting- so fun! I know it's a lot of work but I am sure you will pull it off successfully- let us know how you do! That broccoli casserole looks and sounds amazing too- thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh wow that is quite the crowd you'll be hosting! I hope all goes well.

  3. 22+, that's quite a crowd! I'm sure it's going to be a lot of work, I mean fun! I forgot about the Thanksgiving Day newspapers - we used to take all the ads and plan our Black Friday route for the next day. That's all in the past now, we don't go out on Black Friday any longer, it's just too chaotic and some people are so ugly. It used to be fun to stand in line and chat about shopping and decorations and holiday plans, a lot of camaraderie between strangers in the holiday spirit.

  4. Yes to the laying out serving dishes and spoons ahead of time! Thanks for joining us!


  5. You are amazing for hosting all those people! And I remember loving building my wish list through the Sears Christmas Catalogue!


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