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 Hey loves. It is hard to believe October is over. Hello November. I am trying to keep my calendar less crazy this month and enjoy the start of the holidays. At the same time we have a bunch of home projects going on and getting the house ready to host the holidays.. Lets jump in... 

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This month I have been reading more physical books compared to always reading on my kindle. (I read books faster on my kindle and I have a lot of free books on there). I feel like my kids have seen me reading more that they are also reading more. 

We ended up going to 3 different pumpkin patches. I am loving all our time together as a family. One with friends, one that we go to every year, and one that is now a family favorite but 7 hours away. (we went when we were visiting family)

Ella's father and I got to surprise Ella at school last week. She won an quarterly award that is nominated by a teacher. The award was for responsibility. 


Christmas gifts. The holidays are here, Halloween just pasted, don't blink to fast because it will be Christmas already. I have been buying a few odds and ends of Facebook market place for my kids, running into some stores when I don't have a kid and grabbing something. 


For Thanksgiving. We are hosting for 20 + people, the list seems to keep changing. We working on finishing up a few house projects before then. As well as planning all the details and food for the holiday. I made a free Thanksgiving planner printable if you are looking to get more organized and less stressed. 

Right now I am preparing sourdough bread. It is in the oven and smells so good. Monday I baked sourdough pumpkin bagels, they have to be my favorite bagels I have made so far. 

excited for 

All things holiday related. I have started writing and throwing ideas around for our Christmas and winter bucket list for this year. You can read about our previous bucket lists here. My one girlfriend enjoys doing something every weekend that she has her daughters and invites us to join her, usually at the last minute. I have requested that she give me a heads up 


A mini vacation over Christmas break, more so over New Years. We are going to be flying for the first time in over 5 years and the first time with 3 kids. The plan is to be gone for 5 days and limit what we are taking, possibly only taking carry-ons which scares me with having to limit our packing and travel size everything. I would love all your tips. 

November Intentions:


  • date night with Brian
  • girlfriend date
  • playdate with friends


  • continue working out for me
  • continue mindset morning with physical bible reading
  • start advent study
  • drink 70 oz of water a day
  • ride myx bike 1x a week
  • color hair again
  • make cardiologist appointment
  • go to eye dr
  • plan for vacation in December


  • Spend 30 hours outside
  • family movie night
  • family game night
  • teach Austin chess
  • figure out Christmas cards
  • come up with Elf calendar
  • finish holiday lists
  • Host Thanksgiving
  • take down Halloween decorations
  • decorate for Christmas (after Thanksgiving) 
  • finish 90% of Christmas shopping
  • come up with Christmas bucket list
  • come up with winter bucket list
  • North Pole breakfast

Home Life:

  • finish painting dining room
  • finish taking down wallpaper in living room
  • put down new floors in dining room
  • put down new floors in living room
  • remove wallpaper on stairs and foyer
  • continue going through my shirts
  • make chair cover
  • make bowl cover
  • sell more toys from basement

Lets Look Back at September Intentions:


  • date with Brian- yes
  • playdate with friends- yes
  • coffee or drinks with a girlfriend - yes


  • workout 4x a week- yes
  • hit 10,000 steps 5x a week- no
  • ride bike 3x a week- no
  • make eye dr appointment- yes
  • make dentist appointment- yes
  • start new testament with reading physical bible- yes
  • become member of church- yes
  • read 3 books- yes
  • come up with monthly menu for October and November- yes
  • get in an earlier morning routine 3x a week- yes
  • stick with eating planned lunches and snacks- yes


  • attend Fall Festival- yes
  • visit pumpkin patch- yes
  • carve pumpkin- yes
  • cross more items off Fall bucket list- yes
  • go trick or treating - yes
  • start teaching Austin chess- no
  • family movie night- yes
  • spend 60 hours outside- yes
  • go through winter coats/hats/gloves etc- yes
  • Design Christmas cards- no
  • Elf calendar and items needed for it- no
  • start planning holiday lists and gift ideas- yes

Home Life:

  • remove wallpaper from stairs- no
  • remove wallpaper from kids bathroom- no
  • redo Ella's room- no
  • finish going through my clothes- no
  • make chair cover- no
  • make jar cover- yes
  • make book cover- no
  • sell toys from basement- started
  • print 10 recipes of mine- yes
  • purge toy room/dining room- yes
1000 Hours Outside, started June 2023
June hours- 142
July hours- 131
August hours- 150
September- 135
October- 69
Total Hours- 627

Apple Watch Goals:
Move goal 450 cal- 20 out of 31
Exercise goal 30 minutes- 14 out of 31
Stand goal 12 hours- 29 out of 31

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  1. Planning a trip sounds exciting! While it's not a lot of fun you can always do a load or two of laundry on vacation and that helps take some of the pressure off about packing and fitting it all. Nearly every hotel we've ever stayed in had washers and dryers on site for hotel guests and we would do laundry while the kids swam in the pool.

  2. A mini vacation over new years sounds amazing! I think I want to plan one for me. Of course, it is just the too of us which makes things a tad bit simpler:) Hope you have a great time!


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