Myrtle Beach Day 4

 Hey friends. I am back sharing more from our Myrtle Beach vacation that we took over the new year. If you missed any be sure to check out Day One, and Day Two and Three

Tuesday January 2

Morning hot water and lemon to start the day. Brian wanted to try a local bagel place for breakfast and grab coffee.

It was a cute little coffee bagel shop, I wish I could remember the name. It wasn't far from the beach or our resort. If the weather wasn't so cold they had a lot of seating outside. 

They didn't have any seating available for 6 people unless we wanted to sit and eat on the couch, which would not be ideal with kids. (we had this issue with most small places not being big enough for larger groups). We ended up going back to our room to eat. 

While Brian did a little work I enjoyed my ice coffee outside. 

Off on another adventure. 

We decided to check out Ripley's Aquarium. Or original plan was to drive to Charleston and go to their aquarium but I didn't want to drive 2 hours one way for numerous reasons. 

Ella found a fish friend. He followed her finger around the tank as she made fish faces at him. 

On of our favorite parts of the Aquarium was the penguins (we don't have them at the Cleveland Zoo) Anna was cute walking around like a penguin. 

Throughout the aquarium was trees, each state had a tree and there were other random ones. The tallest tree was Taylor Swift themed. 

We ended up having a lot of fun and spent over two hours at the aquarium. The kids tried to pet the sting rays but they never came close enough to reach which was a disappointment. If we would have went on the weekend they had a photo opps with mermaids and mermaids swimming in the large tanks. 

After the aquarium we walked the other half of the boardwalk area that we did the other day.

There was a quickie mart like from the Simpsons show. They had giant donuts that were actually pretty good. I didn't get a picture before Brian started to share it with everyone. 

A lot of the stores were closed and Anna was being wild so we entertained ourselves with these dinosaurs and running around. 

Brian and Austin stayed in a store and came out with this hat that Austin wanted. 

Back at the hotel I got a quick 23 minute workout done then made tacos for dinner. Afterwards we took the kids swimming and called it a night. 

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