Myrtle Beach Day 2 and 3

Hey friends. I am back sharing more from our Myrtle Beach vacation that we took over the new year. If you missed day one you can catch up here. Today we are jumping to day 2 and 3. 

Sunday December 31- New Years Eve

I slept in until 8am and it was wonderful. We had breakfast and I finished my coffee out on the balcony. 

First up was getting out of the hotel and doing some shopping. My sunglasses broke in my carry on luggage, the sun was bright and I needed some new glasses. 

The shark was a cute photo drop outside of the first store we went to. 

The original plan was to just window shop and take pictures of ideas of what my kids would want, because we know they want everything they see. 

Grandma bought a sweatshirt to wear while she was talking to the cashier the cashier told her the stores last day for the season was the next day. She made it seem like most of the stores in the area close on January 2nd for a few weeks because it is off season. We ended up coming back to this store later in the day to buy the kids their stuffed animals with babies. 

Next we headed over to boardwalk at the beach. It is a cute outdoor shopping center that has a lake in the middle. Our Tura driver recommended we check it out. We ended up going there a few times. There was also vending machines with cups of fish feed to feed the carp. When my kids saw other kids feeding the fish and birds they wanted to also. 

Ella even got a pigeon to eat out of her hand. (Then she went and washed her hands) 

With it being off season the only food places that were open were sit down restaurants. Brian had wanted something quick to grab and eat and the kids were getting hangry so we only walked half the mall then went to go find some food. 

We tried 7 different restaurants that were at Surfside Beach near the water. It was 2pm and they were all busy, it was also New Years eve. A few of the restaurants it was sit yourself and there wasn't space for 6 people, one place had a 30 minute wait. 

We ended up at Chimichanga Llama Cantina. It ended up being really good. They warned up they were understaffed but they still were awesome, we didn't wait long for our food or drinks and everything was delicious. 

After eating we went back to the hotel to relax and take a nap. (We had a nap or at least rested every day) Then the kids asked to go swimming. We bought Austin a blow up life vest at one of the stores we were shopping at. It worked for the time being and we were always near by. It was all plastic and part of it kept coming up done. 

Anna's life vest we grabbed at Walmart and worked perfect for her. We didn't take the life vests we have at home because usually the resorts we stay at have life vests on hand, this place did not.

Since we had a late lunch we had a late dinner. It was New Years Eve crap dinner aka corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, chips, tator tots. We watched the new years eve parties in Nashville and NYC on tv. Everyone but Anna made it to midnight. 

Monday January 1, 2024

Happy New Year. I started off my morning listening to the Bible, the Bible Recap podcast, and doing some journaling and the Bible Recap study guide. 

Brian made a delicious sausage, biscuit and gravy. 

Anna actually let me braid her hair. 

While everyone else was eating lunch Anna kept herself content playing with her little people and coloring in a drawing book. 

This was forecasted to be the warmest day of vacation and the kids wanted to play at the beach for the little bit. Done let my kids make you think the water was warm. The water temps were below 60 degrees. But they say the first minute in the worse then your numb. 

Austin stuck his feet in but wasn't as crazy as the girls. 

Ella and I walked some of the beach and found two dead jellyfish and a bunch of shells. 

Austin spend his time digging in the sand while Ella played in the water and Anna did a mix of both. 

It's a Swiftie thing 

O H I O 

We spent about an hour at the beach before Grandma was getting cold and Anna was wet. We made a stop at the resort to change Anna then off on another adventure. 

Aren't these two cute holding fingers. 

Austin's request for the week was to play mini golf. There are a lot of courses around Myrtle Beach. A lot were not open, and not updated online. We found a cute Jurassic Dino Putt Putt that was open while we were there. (it closed the 8th for a week, then open for a week, then closed for a month really weird schedule) 

This is the swing that ended with his golf ball on a different whole and into the water. 


We had a good time. The kids did really well, there was no fighting or temper tantrums. Anna played her own way, which is totally to expect with a 4 year old. Austin lost 2 balls, one I was able to retrieve. I ended up beating Brian by 2 points from 3 whole in ones. 

Next we stopped by the Christmas Mouse store. Anna was falling asleep in the car and Ella was carrying her. I don't know how she ended up sleeping on Ella's back. I ended up taking Anna and she woke up and ended up running around the store. 

Last stop for the day was Gretel's Candy House. We each got to get some candy. It was a self serve pay by the pound but very affordable. 

We went swimming before dinner. Swimming always ended with a few minutes in the sauna. Even though the pool was heated you were still cold and wet after getting out. We dried in the sauna, got dressed, and walked back to our hotel (which you had to walk outside) 

While dinner was cooking I got a quick 23 minute workout done in the room. The resort did have a fitness room but I got lazy and decided to stay in the room and do body weight and/or band workouts. 

Dinner was a pork tenderloin with cheese pasta for the new year. 

Brian wanted to drive around and look at Christmas lights. We found one house that was really decorated. 

We ended the night driving down the main strip of Myrtle Beach and seeing the Ferris Wheel lit up. Both Anna and Austin fell asleep in the car. 

I will sharing more out of trip next week. Come back Thursday to see what we packed in the kids carry ons. 

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