What We Ate Week 1

 Hey friends. Happy Monday and happy first week of sharing meal plans for 2024. I have previously shared over 160 meal plans. As we know life doesn't always go as planned and we may plan a menu but don't always stick to it. So this year I am switching it up. Each week I will be sharing what we ate the previous week. Along with sharing new recipes of the meals we made or linking up old recipes. I got a follower request to link more of the recipes of what we are eating and thought doing it this way would be so much easier for everyone who follows along and is making their meal plans. Lets lets get start with what we ate last week. 

This year I am focusing on more protein, less processed and in general foods that make me feel good. Even though I love sweets, and cheese, and fast food it doesn't always make me feel the best. Every day has been different of what I am eating, based on the foods we bought, my kids eating me out of a house 3 days after going grocery shopping, and plans changing. Lets dive in to some delicious food. 


The plan was originally to make overnight oats 3 days last week. I made them once. They were a hit even Anna and Austin ate all theirs. Our favorite and go to is chocolate banana or a version of it. Each persons is a little different. Ella gets Nutella and not peanut butter. Only Brian and I get nuts. Anna and Austin don't like coconut. I added flax seed to everyone's and also chia to just mine. You can add and omit what you like or don't like. 

Every other morning I had scrambled eggs, either sour dough toast or yogurt with fruit and maple bourbon granola.  On Thursday I was using leftovers out of the fridge and added shrimp, black beans, and tomatoes. 


This weeks lunches have been salads with honey mustard salad dressing and a different protein. 

I had a turkey burger, leftover chicken from tacos, and chicken sausage. A few days I also added black beans. 


I grabbed these protein bars from Trader Joes to try. They are low in sugar and have 20g of protein. They actually taste really good. 

I love these sour cream and onion rings from Trader Joes also.

Other snacks I grabbed was some mixed nuts, fruit (oranges, and banana's), and yogurt. 




Chicken tacos also had a taco salad too.


Shrimp Stir Fry with freezer veggies, and brown rice. 


Leftovers, I had shrimp stir fry again


Friday nights are usually take out nights. This week we went with Clean Eatz . I build a bowl online and got kale and quinoa base, chicken, broccoli, corn and black bean, mushrooms and zucchini with sweet chili sauce. I got a medium and ate half for dinner then had the other half for lunch on Saturday.


The Browns were in the playoffs and the game started at 430. We went to our friends house for smoked chicken and brisket and a bunch of sides. 

What's on your menu this week?

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