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 Hey friends. Happy Monday. We are taking a look back at our Amazon purchases from last month. In January I did a no - spend January. I made up for in February with my Amazon spending. Also did you know that prices on a lot of items fluctuate, some just a few cents other dollars. I put items in my cart and save for later section all the time and watch the prices change. One item in my cart jumps up and down up to $20 difference every week. The devotional I bought this month is originally $25 but I got for $14. It changes back and forth a lot too. My tip is if it isn't something you need right now put it in your cart and see if the price changes in the next week. 

I am linking up with Tanya over at The Other Side of the Road Prime Purchases. Lets see what I ordered:

Oil Dispensing bottle- we are switching to buying EVOO in a bigger bottle at Costco and wanted a smaller bottle to pour from. 

Bread Bags- I use them any time I give bread to someone and half the time at home. 

Keurig universal reusable filter- if you saw last month I bought a generic one that said it would fit on my single serving Keurig and it did not. This one does fit and I love it. 

Two big boxes of Goldfish for less than $10- the last few months we haven't gotten Goldfish from Amazon because they wanted more for a box of Goldfish than what I could get at Target. They are now back to less than $10 for two boxes. 

Pink earbuds- I am on the hunt for earbuds that stay in my ear (this is a lot easier said than done) Even with the smallest ear piece they still end up falling out, but these are the most comfortable ones I have found so far. 

Taylor Swift Mad Lids- perfect for an Easter basket

Glass Straws- they are think and I don't feel like with normal use you could bite and crack the glass.

Clear ear hooks - I put these on my pink headphones to keep them from falling out.

Skye fish tank decorations- Ella gave Anna her fish tank 

Fish Tank Plants

Fish Tank Barrel 

New Morning Mercies- new daily devotional that I am loving. It is so relatable. Save in your cart until it is on sale for $14. I noticed the price goes up and down a lot. 

Kitchen-aid prep shredders- Got for 50% save in your cart until it goes on sale. No more buying pre shredded cheese

Flowy Racerback Tank Tops- I wear a large, they fabric is a little thin to see bra, but I do normally wear black sport bras. 

Disney Princess Matching Game

Iphone power bank- Brian's phone is always dieing. I grabbed him this charger that he doesn't need to worry about having a cord or extra things to hold while talking on the phone.


Slip pink leopard pillow case- I love that these pillow cases zip close, no more pillow falling out of case in the middle of the night. The sink is cool and I have noticed less knots in my hair. 

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  1. Such great finds. I may get these bread bags since I am making bread every week. Have a good Monday!

    1. I love the bread bags. They seem to be the bread fresh longer.

  2. That's such a great tip about putting things in your cart to watch for lower prices. I know what you mean about finding the right headphones. I also needed very small ones, and am happy I found some that work! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  3. I'll have to watch for the Kitchen Aid watch your cart price. Thanks for the tip!


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