Weekend Wrap Up St Patricks Day

 Hey friends. Happy Monday. Our weekend isn't over yet, my kids have off today. We had a fun weekend so far. I have no idea what the kids have planned for today. I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday.


Someone was up bright and early, aka 530. I had to pick up Ella from her dads and Anna insisted on going with me. When we got home she started practicing tying her a shoe for school. If they learn to tie their shoes they get a certificate and a prize. 

It was green day at school. Ella is always down for a themed day. Green pants, my green shirt, green lips (lip gloss with green eyeshadow over it) and green hair. 

We used the hair crayons and they can be hard to see.

Austin ready for green day. 

My workout of the day. Finished bike1 superblock. 

Anna let me braid her hair for school. 

and she was ready in all her green. 

After school Ella had a Girl Scouts event, World Friendship fair. Each troop picks a different country. The girls learn some facts and display them on a board, do a skit, and try food for each country. Ella's troop had France and was extra with France's flag colors on her lips. 

Brian and I went out to a friends surprise birthday party. My parents came over to watch the kids and pick Ella up from Girl Scouts. Ella puts her phone on power save mode and I don't always get notifications at the right time or where she is at. I got a notification that said "Ella left" at 930. I texted my parents like where did she go. They sent me a picture to prove she was home. She took the initiative to decorate for the party the next day. 


The morning started off crazy with kids schedules and more. Austin had baseball evaluations at 9am. Brian is coaching so he had to be there from 9 to 11 to evaluate kids. 

I wanted to do a fitness class at 10, but had already signed up to help Ella's troop before the class was announced. 

From 10 to 11 Ella had a cookie booth that I volunteered to work. It was inside a Pets Supplies Plus store. They sold more cookies that I expected. It helped that this year they were able to take credit cards. 

It was pretty chilly so the girls would run outside for a few minutes then come back inside and warm up. 

Since Brian and I were both busy, Grandma watched Anna for 2 hours. 

After baseball Austin ended up going to work with Brian. He had two showing that popped up at the last minute and I wasn't home yet to watch Austin. After the showings Brian, and two friends helped Brian pick up a new desk. 

Sneak peak at our still in progress office remodel. The desk is heavy made with real wood. 

I was busy cleaning the house to get ready for company, next thing I look over and Austin has already taken over the desk. 

Another beautiful day with Anna's make-up. I made her take it off before she went to a friend house for a little bit.

We hosted my nieces 12th birthday party. She requested chicken alfredo for dinner and my mom made the kit kat cake. 

The party was just a sleepover with Anna, Ella, and my niece. They watched the Taylor Swift Eras Tour after everyone else left. 


Some was very moody and didn't want to wear green again because it is not her favorite color. She had a somewhat green dress on with a white shirt underneath, purple polka dotted pants, and a pink hair bow. 

She also requested to have her nails painted a blue sparkle. 

After we got ready we went downstairs where Brian was starting food for brunch. He left out a carrot that Anna decided needed cut up. She cut it with a butter knife. 

After church we had plans to go across the street to have brunch with our neighbors. Anna paced the driveway waiting for us to leave. 

We celebrated with green mimosas. we ended up spend most of the day over there with the kids all playing. 
The rest of the evening was very low key. Ella and I watched some of Taylor Swift again, Anna took a nap (I regretted that later), and Brian and Austin watched the Tornados that hit Ohio earlier in the week. 

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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  1. Looks like a great weekend!! That mimosa looks so cute and festive!

    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess

    1. We did have a great weekend. The mimosas were so easy to make with just adding blue liquor. She found the rainbows at the dollar store.

  2. Love seeing your adorable cherubs!


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