Weekend Wrap Up Date Night and Snow

 Hey friends. How was your weekend? We finally got a date night, and snow. Anyone else still feeling off with day light savings? I am linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday, on a Tuesday for a weekend wrap up.


Friday was my busy day with kids this week. I got Ella off to school, the got Austin off to school. Then S got dropped off at 8:15, I had to have her to preschool at 9. S and Anna played for a little bit before we had to leave. After dropping S at preschool Anna and I went to Trader Joes to pick up a few things. We really went for chicken breakfast sausage patties and some wine. We obviously grabbed a few other things too but I did limit myself I could have went crazy with everything I wanted. 

When we got home from shopping I gave Anna a shower. She needs a a haircut and her hair has been knotting so badly that it is easier to comb when it is wet. 

After brushing Anna's hair we went downstairs and got our workout done for the day. She usually starts working out with me then moves over to playing Barbies. 

Next it was time to pick S up from preschool come home and have a quick lunch, then back out to drop Anna off at preschool. 

It was crazy sock day for Austin's school for Dr Seuss week. Anna and S decided to wear crazy socks too even though they go to a different school. 

Instead of ordering out Brian grabbed chicken schnitzel and cheese spatzle out of the freezer. 
The rest of the night was just a lazy night at home. The kids played, Brian played Xbox with Austin and I watched the final Christmas movie I had saved on the Frndly app.


Saturday was a catch-up day. I finished laundry, baked a few things, cleaned the house some, and did a bunch of crafts with Anna. 

I hung eucalyptus in both showers. I meant to do this a few weeks ago when everyone was sick, but didn't get out to Trader Joes to buy it. 

Anna and Austin are excited for their sleepover at Grandma's. 

Brian and I finally got our date night. We started off at Sibling Revelry Brewer for a beer and apps, we got pretzels with beer cheese that was so good. 

While we waited at Yard House. We checked in online and they said 35-45 minutes. We ended up waiting over an hour but it was worth it. 

Brian got jambalaya which had shrimp, chorizo sausage, and chicken. This also was suppose to be a half order. 

I got an seared "everything bagel" ahi tuna burger with sweet potato fries. 


Sunday morning Brian and I went to church without the kids. After our service the church was having a pancake breakfast so we stopped downstairs for that then picked up the kids from Brian's moms. They were super good and actually ate real food. 

At home Anna helped her dad prep the office for new floors, only if this vacuum really worked. 

Brian, his brother, and a neighbor worked on the floor in the office, while the kids played. Austin and Clayton played Xbox and shared very well. Anna, Gigi and Lauren colored, played, and got a long great. We ended up ordering Choolah for dinner, which is Indian bbq and so good. 
Let's talk about day light savings. It was after 8 and didn't feel so late because the sun was still out. Our neighbors were still over, none of the kids had bath/showers and it was a school night. It was an "oh shoot" moment for all of us. We all were just having to much fun and the kids were behaving. 

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