Weekend Wrap-up

 Hey friends. How was your weekend? We had a great weekend with friends, family, and some relaxing. I am typing this up on Sunday evening at 630. We have already had dinner and baths for the kids. I am sitting outside on our back patio it is 77 degrees, enjoying the birds chirping, and these two butterflying that keep fluttering around. One landed on my laptop and on my head, but only sits for a second then is off again so there was no time to try and take a picture. Makes for a very relaxing evening.

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Anna slept in, Brian took an early shower, that left Austin and I cuddle time without anyone interrupting, which doesn't happen very often. He is a true daddy's boy.

Anna is on a new preschool schedule. Instead of going in the afternoon she is now going in the morning. This gives me 3 hours or so in the morning when I am most productive to get things done uninterrupted. I recording a new youtube video 5 Tips for Meal Planning on a Budget and sample meal plan

I also got an uninterrupted workout done. I have learned for my watch to sync properly with my MYX bike I need to turn my phone on do not disturb otherwise every time I get a notification it messes up tracking calories and my heartrate. 

After picking up Anna from school we made these 4 ingredient banana peanut butter bars. We actually ended up cutting them smaller into squares. The new rule is before you ask for goldfish, pirate booty or other snacky foods you either have to eat a fruit, veggie, or a bar/bite/square that has protein. I will be switching up what we make each week. 

Introducing singing chef Anna, notice the carrot microphone and balloon attached to her. She came downstairs in 5 different outfits, thanks to Ella helping her change. Every song she sang was something of Taylor Swift, like a few works then she made up her own. 

It is not very often I get Ella cuddles either. She sat on me and talked while she waited for her dad to pick her up.

The rest of Friday evening was low key. Brian picked up Arby's for dinner, I folded laundry and watched more of the Vampire Diaries. (maybe one day I will finish the whole series) 


What I though a sleeping in morning with no plans was the kids waking me up at 7am, I guess that is better than 6. Brian made a throw together breakfast of sausage links cup up, tator tots, and eggs. All that was missing was some gravy.

Last workout for the week done. My goal is press play or be intentional with 4 workouts. 

I had a nail appointment at noon. I usually go at the same time as my girlfriend so we can chat. She called me at 11:17 add I was in the shower. They had a cancelation so we could come early. I got there at 1140. I had a different nail tech do my nails. Ella picked out the colors. purple is for speak now and teal is for 1989. Yes Taylor themed. 

After my appointment I went home had a quick lunch then we all headed to my sisters. For my nieces birthday we bought her a new computer desk. We went to delivery and build it and my sister asked if I would cut both their hair. My sister (pictured above) got atleast 6 inched cut off. So much more volume. She has fine thin hair compared to I have thicker dense hair. 

After time at my sisters we can home, changed and washed all our clothes because she has cats and Brian is allergic. He had to take his inhaler and was worked in-front of an open patio door. Then we headed across the street to hang out with our neighbors for taco night. 


The day started off with church, a French toast breakfast at church, the kids had Sunday school and then we did some shopping, mostly window shopping for outdoor cushions. They are so expensive for the ones we want. It would be cheaper to buy new furniture instead of just cushions. 

The day was gorgeous with sun and temps the upper 70s. I started cleaning the kids play area, racked leaves, emptied out the sandbox, and cleaned their toys. 

I had a beer with my father via facetime. 

We had friends over for a little while for the kids to play, Anna found a friend aka a little ant. We ended the night with early showers and just relaxing. 

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