Weekend Wrap Up Music Ala Mode

 Hey friends. How was your weekend? Even with all the craziness of mom life right now, we had a good weekend. 


Pros and Cons of having to pick Ella up from her dads a few days a week at 6am. (I leave at 610, get here at 630, back home by 650 to leave for the bus at 7). Her mornings are crazy rushed but we have made it work for us the last two years. This time of the year I get to see gorgeous sunrises. This picture does not do it any justice. You could see the rays off the sun hitting the clouds, breath taking. How often do we take sunrises for granted? I knew it was gong to be a rough day but after seeing this sunrise I knew everything would be ok.

I got all the kids off to school, and picked the girls up from preschool. Austin rode along with me, propped up in the back of the van with a pillow and watching Planes on our van dvd player. (What would I do without that). After lunch we had Austin's appointment to have his temporary cast removed and permanent cast put on. My mom came over to watch the girls. 

The doctor showed up the x-rays they took before his surgery. As you can see the bone is completely broke and not in the right place. With it being so broke it also hit a nerve. 

Here is the after surgery with the 3 pins holding the bone in place. When they changed his cast we were able to see what it looked like from the outside. The pins remind me of tent steaks with the 7 shaped lip. 

The bad news. Austin has nerve damage. He is unable to bend his thumb and index finger to max an O shaped. He also doesn't have much strength in them. With that he is unable to play video games or hold a pencil or anything with his right hand, and he is right handed. He has been doing awesome with eating with his left hand. He can still play on the tablet with his left hand. This all has been a rude awakening of what he can't do from running around, riding his bike, etc. 

After Austin's appointment I headed to the school to pick up my daughter's friend who I was watching last week. We headed home, the girls played. My girlfriend and her daughters ended up staying for dinner. We enjoyed bottle of wine and homemade pizza. After they left Brian, Austin, Anna and myself went across the street to our neighbors house to watch a little of the Cavs game. The kids watching tv and the girls played with playdough. I took the kids home and put them to bed around 9 while Brian stayed to watch the rest of the game. 


I have all the intentions of sleeping in as late as I could. I hadn't been sleeping well since Austin's accident and checking on him numerous times a night. Also getting up with Ella every morning at 6am. My sleeping in only lasted until 715 but I will take it. 

Brian made breakfast tacos. 

Then it was off to soccer. Poor kid just couldn't get comfortable and he was bored. So he took a small nap.

Anna did good at soccer. She scored a goal and stayed focused.

After soccer it was home to do Ella's hair and get her ready for Music ala mode. Music ala mode is our school districts biggest fundraiser for the music programs. It is an all day event from 10 am to 10 pm. There are performances from 5 grade to high school in choir, band, orchestra, and all the elite groups. This year Ella was in band and choir. 

When did she get so grown up?

Ella also had an outfit change, so we came home between performances, one was at 1240 and the other was at 2. I forgot to take a picture of the second dress, which she stole from my closet. 

She did great and we had a good time. We only watched her performances and Ella and I went back and watched the show choir for the middle school that she wants to audition for next year. 

The rest of the evening was low key. Brian and Austin watched Star Wars. Ella hung out in her room then ventured to the basement to watch tv. I curled up in my bed and enjoyed a night of binging a few more episodes of Vampire Diaries. 


Getting ready for church. I put a few things in the van and had a little shadow follow me outside. She found a flower on the ground so I put it in her hair. She wore it to church that way. 

Austin looking dapper ready for church. Pink shirt, dinosaur hat, and as handsome as can be. At church we didn't let him go to the nursery where he usually goes and plays and does a little bible study. Instead he stayed with us. 

After church Brian went to work and the kids and I hung out at home for a little while before we headed to our other neighbors to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, really any excuse to hang out and tacos and margaritas . 

It was a fun afternoon spent with lots of delicious food from street corn to chimichanga steak tacos and fresh pineapple salsa. The girls ran around, got along, and had fun. The boys did a lot of roblox on the tablet, and sitting outside talking. They were so great with Austin not being allowed to run around. We ended the night with a fire.

The guys also all signed Austin's cast. 

We ended the night with showers and bedtime stories to get ready for the week ahead. 

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