What We Ate Week 17

 Hey friends. Last week was a week of solo parenting. If you saw my grocery haul video, I shared that I had no idea what I wanted to make for dinners, went grocery shopping without a real list, and ended up winging it. I did pretty good. My kids got fed and we didn't waste food so that is a huge plus. 


It has been a taco kind of week. Breakfast tacos with eggs and a meat. 

This little cutie thought she was going to eat all the hash browns. 

Another breakfast taco


I am back to packing a lunch every morning for Austin. He had previously been buying everyday. Now with a full arm cast it is just easier for him to pack a lunch instead of trying to carry a tray. I know a friend would help him but they have very limited time to eat I don't want to take away from other kids eating their lunches either. He has been getting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, strawberries, pretzels or cheese-itz, and a cookie. 

I have been having sun dried tomato wraps that I grabbed at Aldi with chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and honey mustard dressing. 

Sunday- Cinco de Mayo with friends. There was street corn, tacos with steak, chicken and veggies. Plus all the fixings

Monday- Kielbasa with peppers, pierogis, zucchini fries, and 90 second rice

Tuesday- tacos

Wednesday- Brinner we had eggs, sausage and hash browns

Thursday - skillet lasagna

Friday- take out kids choice


cucumbers with ranch seasoning

What was on your menu this week?

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