Audrianna is 5

 Hey friends. It's time to celebrate Audrianna turned 5 today. Umm what. How is my baby going to be 5? 

Audrianna is full of sass and attitude, that she totally gets from her mother. 

There isn't a day go by that she doesn't make you laugh. 

If she could she would live in the water. She loves going swimming. 

Audrianna loves animals. If she could have a kitty or puppy she would. (Brian is allergic) 

I found a picture of me, and you can see where she gets her dark brown eyes from. 

Random quick facts:

  • starts full day Kindergarten in the fall
  • still takes a nap at least once a week
  • loves Bluey, Super Kitty, Mermaids, Fairies, and Unicorns
  • favorite snacks are yogurt, Pirate Booty, and Goldfish
  • Only meat she eats is chicken 
  • loved playing soccer in the fall and spring
  • favorite game is memory
  • talks a hundred miles a minute
  • loves her brother and sister

Happy Birthday Audrianna. We love you so much. 

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