Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. It has been a great week. No huge issues, no one sick, no new injuries, I have gotten workouts done, and March is almost here. I am ready for a new month.

Time for some Friday Favorites with these three lovely ladies: ErikaNarci, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

I finally made a return to Kohls from an Amazon purchase. I may have waited until the last day but it got done. Amazon returns have become so easy. My only complaint is that at our Kohls the Amazon return is upstairs and you have to go buy the toy department, which I am sure they plan that way. Taking Austin to Kohls is normally a huge struggle. Shockling, happily we talked about going before hand that we were only making a return and not buying but he could however look at toys. He did very well, no carrying him out screaming.

~ TWO ~

We have a few random warmer days the past few weeks. I am really loving this lightweight zip-up hoodie I got from Amazon over the summer. It has been the perfect temperature to stay warm when it is in the 50's. 


Mommy's little workout partners this week. We have done workouts up stairs and down. I may have had to press pause a million times, one workout took over an hour because of pausing but they are getting done. 

~ FOUR ~

Fat Tuesday wouldn't be complete without paczki's. Ella's flavor of choice was lemon.

Austin got a raspberry one but wasn't a fan of it. He did however eat the whip cream and sprinkles we added to it.
This year we hit the mother load with the amount of filling. It has been hit and miss and trying new places to get a good paczki.

~ FIVE ~

Aubriella has her own sense of style and I love it. She isn't afraid to be unique and wears what she wants. She wore green, purple, and gold for Mardi Gras.

~ SIX ~

Brian and I had a day date for lunch at Yard House. Ella and Austin were at school so it was just the 3 of us, aka with the baby. Yard House had a $2 taco special that was calling my name, thanks for the e-mail and texts to tell me about it.


Ella's special surprise dessert coming right up. It was something with a bunch of candy and whip cream. Brian and I opted out of having any, but her and Austin enjoyed it.


We are a Disney family. Frozen 2 came out on DVD this week. That calls for a reason to have a family movie night on a school night. We did start the movie early enough for normal bedtime for Ella and Austin. Audrianna was up later than normal (and woke up earlier than ever the next day)

Audrianna giving Austin the look of don't touch my Pirate Booty. Everyone else was having popcorn, but she is to young for it even with baby led weaning. This is her first time having Pirates Booty and she really enjoyed it.

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