Weekend Recap

Happy Wednesday. This week is already flying by, and in a good way. I can't believe it is also already the end of the month. We had a lot of fun last week. Here are some highlights. 

~ Friday  ~

Audrianna preferred method of eating anymore. I dont know if it is so I don't talk, or she just likes her fingers to get eaten. 

Austin loves his sister so much. (Sometimes to much). He has recently been a big help with playing with her, giving her toys, and helping to calm her down. In recent weeks they have had more babysitters, who is all family, but Audrianna doesn't like anyone but mom and dad. He will help to entertain her and hug her to stop her from crying. 

I did this thing. First I straightened my hair, then hated my forehead. 

I decided to add some bangs. 

Then ended up cutting them a little shorter. So far, (as week later) I am still loving them. One of the pros of being a hairdresser is I can cut my own hair, well try it and do the bangs. Cons of being a hairdresser is I cut my own hair when I'm bored. 

Friday evening we had World Friendship Fair with Girl Scouts. Ella's troop learned about Canada and had samples of Canadian maple syrup and graham crackers. 
Brian's family with Brian had Audrianna  and Austin for a few hours. I ended up leaving the even early as it was Audrianna's bedtime and she was was screaming non stop. 

~ Saturday ~

Up earlier than normal for a Saturday. Ella helped get Audrianna ready by doing her hair. 

We went out to breakfast with family that was visiting from out of state. This was the first time that all 5 of us went out to a sit down restaurant. This was also Audrianna's first time sitting in a highchair at a restaurant. She did so good. Yes there was a mess on the floor which I expect with baby led weaning. But I cleaned it up before we left. 

Back at home Ella played with Audrianna and her new walker sit and play toy. 

I walk into the living room after changing Audrianna and find Ella reading a book to Austin. This continued for 20 more books. 

Lots of play time for this little girl with a bunch of toys. 

Austin asked me to sit down and cuddle him and watch Chuggington. Next thing you know he is asleep. Guess he needed a nap.

Our vacation is coming sooner than later. The kids needed new shoes (they needed them in general), Ella and Audrianna need a bathing suit and few other odds and ends. We needed out of the house also. We hit up the mall. A trip to the mall wouldn't be complete without stopping at the Disney Store and getting a picture with Pooh.

Saturday was National Margarita Day. We had to celebrate with getting some Mexican. I ended up not feeling well, before our food even came out. Audrianna and I spent the evening sitting in the car. I don't know if it was to hot, anxiety, aggravation, or if I was starting to come down with something. It made for an early night for me, with lots of wake up from baby. 

~ Sunday  ~

Sunday morning started out early. Audrianna was up before 630. We headed to the basement to play and not wake anyone else up. I still wasn't feel the greatest so Brian decided to go to Panera for breakfast. Ella went with him and brought back these flower cookies as well as bagels. 

Audrianna enjoyed my cinnamon crunch bagel and wouldn't take her eyes off her father. 

Sunday was mostly a low key day. I have no idea what Austin was doing here. If you notice his undies are on backwards also. He is one crazy kid. 

Audrianna got her first tooth last week. She lets me know it is there when she bites me. Her second one is coming in quickly just hasn't broken skin yet. Then hopefully her extra crabbiness and waking all the time will get better. 

Audrianna lives such a tough life. She eventually fell over and used the ball as her pillow. 

I ordered groceries thru Instacart, the kids played outside, and Aubriella has a surprise playdate. We ended the evening with dinner at my in laws. 

It was a busy but fun weekend. 

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  1. I am loving your bangs!!! They suit you soo well! I did straight across bangs once, and they were NOT cute. You def pull it off :)


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