Coffee Talk

Random Coffee Talk on a Monday

~ It has been a rough start to the year. I am ready for March and a fresh start. 

~ I am over the Bachelor, but can't stop watching

~ I am counting down the day until vacation, but at the same time already stressing the drive and anxiety of it all. 

~ I am struggling with Audrianna still not sleeping through the night, but enjoy our cuddles.

~ We are planning on moving this year. With that redoing our bathroom and kitchen beforehand has made me lazy on deep cleaning. 

~ Yesterday and today temps are in the lower 50s upper 40s. I am ready for Spring, why do we have to have snow in the forecast this week.

~ Since Brian got injured on February 7th I have taken on a lot more responsibility around the house. It puts more stress, more tired, more strain on me and less time for myself. The hardest part is Audrianna with me 24/7 or having to find a sitter even when Brian is home. Ella helps a lot more too. You take for granted Brian use to pick her up when she was crying or woke up when I was doing dishes or making dinner. 

~ Ella loves our daily motivation and affirmations. If I forget she reminds me. 

~ I am loving Instacart and not having to go grocery shopping, especially with 3 kids even though it is a little more expensive than if I were to go to the store myself. 

~ Lately I seem to just be going in a million different directions and not really getting anything done. 

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  1. I am with you on the Bachelor only I stopped is just super icky to me when he is tonguing chick after chick!!! Thank goodness the coronovirus did not get into that house...they would all have it within an hour! ICK ICK ICK

  2. I hope March brings some easier, less stressful days for you. Hang in there. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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