Back to School Traditions

A new school year, a fresh start, two kids in school full time, one kid in school two days a week for 90 minutes, lots of changes. The start of a new school year can be stressful not just for mom, but also the kids. I try to keep our traditions the same year after year while also adding in some new ones. This helps with some of the stress, anxiety, and also gives us all something to look forward to. I also love looking back on seeing how they have grown over the years.

My oldest starts school on Monday the 30th, the day after we come back from vacation. Her traditions will look a little different this year. Now my middle child will start Kindergarten on Wednesday, he will get a few days to get into a routine. My youngest doesn't start until the second week in September. She is going two days a week for 90 minutes into a little program that helps with independence, new situations, socialize, and getting away from mom. They also work on cognitive and physical skills. We are in different stages with them all.

The Night Before Books

The night before school I love to read books that deal with the first day of school. We all know they are a bundle of nerves and I feel like reading about it and talking about it helps. Here are the books we have for Kindergarten: 

Special Breakfast

We use to have a special pancake breakfast on the first day of school. We have switched it up to having overnight oats. My kids love making them, and eat the whole thing. It also fills them up longer than their normal cereal or freezer waffles. 


On the first day of school and the last day of school I have my kids answer a few "interview" questions. I love to see how they have grown and changed. Here is an example of a previous years

I am 7 years old.
I am 49 inches tall.
I wear a size 1 shoe.

color: blue
Breakfast: overnight oats
Lunch: nutella bagel
Dinner: homemade mac and cheese
Snack: string cheese
Book: Jojo 
Movie: Descendents 3
TV Show: h20 Mermaids
Toy: Lego's
Activity: crafts
Thing I Did This Summer: Swim

When I Grow Up I Want To Be: a mechanic
I'm Really Good At: Math
I Want to Get Better At: Art
This Year I Want to Learn About: Frogs
I'm Excited For This School Year Because: Fun Activities 


I use my letter board now for our pictures. We use to just use a dry erase board

New Outfit

A new outfit is always fun and exciting for the first day of school. Ella always picks a new dress. Then our plan is for her to wear the dress again for picture day. Austin got some cute outfits for his birthday (thankful for his July birthday and grandparents)

Lunchbox Jokes

This year I bought a cute book with lunch box jokes.  Don't want to spend the money no worries you can write your own little personalized note. I also like to use these bright papers and write personalized notes on one side and a joke on the other side. If your kid can't read yet you can always just draw a cute picture (heart, smiley face). I have also found free printable lunch box notes/jokes on pinterest too.

Fresh Haircuts

Starting the school year off with a fresh haircut. Kids get to pick a new style if they want, but also helps with fights in the morning over combing out painful knots. Since I am licensed hairdresser my kids (and my niece) don't get to go to a hair salon.

Special After School Snack

Banana bread is a favorite in our house. We have also started making protein filled fruit smoothies. 

Back to School Dinner

This year we are starting a special Back to School Dinner. Since they all start on different days this year, on the day each one starts they get to pick out what we are having for dinner. Austin picked pizza. Ella picked instant pot hamburger helper

Dining Room Table Question

Our family use to do this everyday, but for whatever reason we stopped. 
At breakfast we answer a random question. Such as: 
  • If you could be a sea animal what would you be? 
  • What is your favorite fruit. 
I plan to come up with a bunch of random questions and place them in a jar. 

At dinner time we do your least favorite thing of the day, and your favorite thing of the day.

What are your back to school traditions?

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